A condition of Hypogonadism or low testosterone in men means they are missing a vital thing that helps them to improve their health and sex life. One can consider both medical and natural treatments to find their sexual strength back.

Testosterone as an important hormone:
Testosterone is also known as a sex hormone that helps a boy become a man who is capable of reproducing. Low T levels in men can affect their sex drive, muscle and bone strength, erections, and mental health. This particular hormone indicates the stage of puberty and helps a man to develop good muscles, body hair, and a deeper voice; it defines the overall condition of men’s health.

Treatment of low testosterone in men is easy and effectiveThe low-T problem has become a common health condition in men. According to a study, about 2 out of 5 men over the age of 45 have been suffering from low T; this condition becomes more critical while aging. Since this hormone is directly responsible for producing sperm in men, low testosterone treatment is necessary to protect their masculinity. The average of normal T level in men is 270-1,070 ng/dL.

Low testosterone symptoms:
There are both sexual and physical symptoms of low testosterone.
Sexual signs of low-T are:
• Erectile dysfunction
• Reduced sexual desire, or low libido
• Lack of excitement for sex
• Lack of tightness in penis
• Low sperm count
• Infertility

Nonsexual or physical symptoms are:
• Lower energy
• Fatiguea
• Obesity
• Lowering muscle mass
• Depression
• Osteoporosis or fragile bones
• Anemia
• Declining red blood cell production

Low testosterone treatment:
The presence of low testosterone in men is detected by a blood test. If the level of this hormone consistently remains below 300 ng/dL, it indicates low-T. A prostate-specific antigen test can also be conducted to see if there are any signs of prostate cancer. A test of red blood cell count can also be carried out to assess the level of testosterone.

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Available options to treat low-T:
There are some medical ways to increase T-level in the body, such as:

• T injection
In this treatment, testosterone is injected into the body at an interval of a few weeks. Men can take the help of a doctor to administer injections or inject it on their own with a caution.

• Gel of T
This method allows men to apply patches or gels of testosterone to the skin regularly.

• Buccal system
Under the Buccal system, a Buccal formation containing a patch or gel of testosterone is placed in the mouth between the upper gums and cheek. It’s richly vascularized and more accessible compared to other non-oral methods of drug administration. This patch is changed after every 12 hours.

• Testosterone pellets
A relatively new form of treatment, testosterone pellets is inserted under the skin of the buttocks. It helps to increase the T amount for a time of 3-4 months.

Testosterone replacement therapy:
The testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is the most popular method to improve T level in men. There are various ways to perform TRT, such as:
• Shots
• Pills
• Skin gel
• Patches
• Long-lasting pellets

Skin gel is the most common method of improving T-level, as it’s given in about 70% of cases. The testosterone-enhancing gel is rubbed onto the shoulders and upper arm area after taking a bath. The second popular method is shots of testosterone (about 17%). Regular shots are given to diagnose low testosterone levels in men and restore their sexual strength. Other forms of testosterone like pallets, patches and pills are taken in some 3% of cases to improve men’s health. Testosterone pills are not approved in the US and it’s rarely recommended by the experts.

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Cautions for TRT:
TRT is not an anti-aging method so, it doesn’t enhance men’s performance beyond an age. Those men who don’t have any low testosterone symptoms are not recommended to take TRT. And it should not be taken before a certain age, as you should not try TRT to enforce puberty in a child, otherwise it can reduce the sperm count and hamper fertility.

Side effects of TRT:
There are some possible side effects of TRT and their gravity may vary with person to person. These side effects on men’s health can include:

• Sharp rise in red blood cell count
• Acne
• Swelling of different body parts
• Infertility
• Breast swelling
• Smaller testicles
• Impulsive sexual excitement

Natural tips to increase testosterone:
Apart from medication route, some natural or home methods can also be taken to treat low testosterone in men. These natural tips include:

• Regular workout (strength training and aerobic exercise)
• Lose weight
• Consumption of mineral and vitamin-rich foods
• Optimize the levels of vitamin D in the body
• Live a stress-free life
• Adopt a healthy lifestyle
• Cut on sugar and salt

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