Your metabolism comprises a wide range of biological processes that take place internally, which includes the breakdown of the foods that you consume and converting them into energy. There are various ways by which you can increase your metabolism.

Metabolism in the body is determined by several factors such as your sex, genes, age, body size, hormone levels, body composition and level of activity. Your metabolic rate shows the amount of energy your body needs to carry out some functions such as breathing, maintaining circulation, secretion of hormones and more. Here are some ways to increase metabolism.

Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Have breakfast – It is the most crucial meal of the day and people who eat breakfast lose more weight than people who don’t. As per studies, your metabolism slows down during sleep and it does not increase till you eat again. Therefore, if you avoid breakfast you will not burn as much calories till lunchtime. It is thus best to begin the day with a good meal if you are keen on increasing your metabolism. Include a breakfast that is loaded with high-fiber carbohydrates.

Increase your protein intake – Studies have shown that including a lot of protein can be one of the most crucial ways to increase metabolism causing you to lose more calories in a day. Proteins are composed of amino acids that are hard for your body to breakdown, thereby enabling you to burn more calories. While that does not mean you have to include plenty of protein, but make sure that at least 10 to 30% of your everyday calories are derived from protein.

Eat smaller meals throughout the day – It has been found that eating five to six small meals a day is better than three big meals to keep your metabolism buzzing all day long. Keep not more than a gap of four hours between meals.

Eat refined carbohydrates – Refined carbohydrates such as bagels, white bread, and potatoes can decrease your metabolic rate. While it is essential to include carbohydrates in your diet, make sure to include whole grains, fruits and vegetables in your diet too. Skip the sweets and fried foods.

Avoid alcohol – Drinking before a meal can cause you to consume more calories. Also the body burns off the alcohol first and causes the calories in the rest of the meal to be stored as fat. If you are planning on increasing your metabolism, it is best to stay away from alcohol.

Take milk – Increase your intake of low fat dairy. Some studies show that women who consumed cheese, yoghurt, and milk at least three times a day lost much more fat than women who did not eat dairy products. This is because calcium together with the other substances in dairy can be excellent ways to increase metabolism.

Drink water – Drinking water throughout the day is one of the best metabolic boosters. Staying well hydrated also makes you feel more energetic. You can drink two glasses of water before each meal. Studies have shown that this practice has helped dieters to lose more weight than people who did not follow it.

Boost Your Metabolism

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Get enough sleep – There are many downsides of not getting adequate sleep every night. Studies have found a close link between sleep and metabolism; not getting your regular dosage of rest can slow down your metabolism.

Take green tea – This super food is one of the best known metabolic boosters. It is packed with antioxidants and several studies have confirmed that it is excellent to speed up your metabolism. An added factor is that it is naturally calorie-free.

Increase your workout intensity – High-intensity interval training can kick start metabolism and help to keep you burning calories for long even after the workout is over.

Exercise – It is the safest and one of the most effective ways to increase metabolism. Engage in at least 30 minutes of exercise every day to keep your metabolism high.

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Vitamin B – This is an important element in turning the proteins, fats and carbs into energy. When there is less vitamin B in the body, it slows down the metabolism and leaves you tired and at a risk for diseases. Include more melon, broccoli, spinach and some lean protein in your diet to increase your vitamin-B intake. There will be a marked shift in your energy levels almost immediately.

These were some of the ways to increase metabolism. You can follow them to see a significant improvement in your metabolism within a short period of time.

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