If you are feeling hungry for hours, then eating some snacks is not a bad option. Snacks can perfectly satiate your appetite while maintaining your calories count too.

No one would like surplus of calories in the body that could increase his or her waistline. Unnecessary calories settled in various body parts of the body give it a bulky look. On the other hand, the surplus of calories can be controlled by changing the food habits and depending more on snacks that are not very high in calories. Such snacks can be effectively used in weight loss plan and reducing cholesterol.

Snacks to maintain the calorie count in the body

Less in amount, but full of energy, that is what we know about snack and taking it at least once a day can refresh and energize you. No need to worry about calories counting as a variety of snacks are available to keep the calorie level up with every intake. Research studies have also proved the importance of snacks that can substantially fulfill the caloric requirements.

Deal with hidden hunger:
‘Hidden hunger’ has become a very common concern for parents as their children tend to devote a lot of time on computer games and outdoor activities. This tendency poses a risk of skipping regular and complete meals. This issue has been affecting many children who lack essential micronutrients in their diet, thanks to our modern-day lifestyle and diet ingredients. Even many parents don’t realize that their children are suffering from this condition, so it’s better to offer them healthy snacks more frequently to maintain the level of calorie count along with important vitamins in the body.

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Counter hunger with snacks:
Eating snacks in between your regular meals can efficiently curb hunger so that you are discouraged to take a heavy meal when you finally sit down to supper. The nutritional value of snacks makes them a smart choice to lose weight without striving too hard.

Calorie counting with snacks:
It’s easier to count calories with snacks than your regular meals and if you feel that you have missed some calories at the start of the day then snacks can bridge the gap efficiently. You can make a strategy for snacks as a food calorie counter in order to keep the intake of calories under check. The important facets of this strategy include:
• Count each intake of snacks
• Choose healthy and diet-friendly snacks
• Make a weight loss plan with snacks

Snacks to maintain the calorie count in the body

Best snacks to support your diet:
Snacks combine fat, carbohydrates and protein, so they give a good option to resist hunger as well as compensate the calorie requirements to a good extent. There are a good variety of snacks that you can pick as per your choice and taste. Some of these powerful snacks are as follows:

• Whole wheat sandwich
A wide variety of whole wheat sandwiches are easily available and if you are on a diet, then you can go for the sandwich once a day. Generally, such sandwiches are stuffed with ingredients that are healthy with delicious flavors. Whole wheat bread can boost energy and compensate calories that you may have missed from regular meals.

• Honey and yogurt
Low-fat yogurt offers a good solution for avoiding the excess of calories and if you add a little amount of honey to yogurt, then it becomes a tasty and healthy snack to energize you. This combination is high in calorie counting as well as helpful to prevent a cough, cold and heart problems.

• Sweet potato
You can pick sweet potatoes to curb hunger and it’s good for the weight loss purpose too. Sweet potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates and fibers, so one can take it as regular snacks to maintain the calorie count in the body.

• Banana
Banana is included among with fittest fruits that can reduce your cravings. As a good calorie counter, banana also supplies minerals and sugar to your body and enhances metabolism, which is highly desired in a weight loss program.

• Fresh fruits and smoothie
Tropical fruits and mixed fruit juice are always beneficial for health as they work in two ways – counter hunger feeling and maintain the calorie level in the body. Fresh fruits are better than packaged and fried foods. You can use some fruits as salads and refreshment snacks.

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• Nuts
Peanut, walnuts, almonds and pistachios are a good source of energy and fiber that make them a perfect snack.

• Strawberries with chocolate
Dark chocolate has many health benefits. A combination of chocolate and strawberry becomes a perfect snack. You can also pick some other fruits to take with chocolate; they are healthy and ideal for maintaining a calorie count in the body.

Other food items for snacks:
You can try some other food items to make your favorite snacks, such as popcorn, gripped pineapple, stuffed figs, apple juice, corn, cereals with milk.

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