Allergy symptoms affect millions of people and most of them get little relief from medicines that can carry irritating side effects. Hence, everyone must know their allerigic triggers and should avoid them eventually to prevent allergy.

allergy Fighting Tricks

Allergy and its symptoms:

Some of the most common allergy triggers include: mold spores, pollen, dust mite, cockroach allergens and pet dander. Although most allergies cannot be cured, the situation is not hopeless. Apart from treating them, the best way to avoid allergies is to find ways to stay as much away from them as possible.

Here are some helpful allergy treatment tips:

Wear sunglasses- Millions of people suffer from hay fever that is caused by mold spores or wind-borne pollen; keep your eyes protected by wearing dark and all-covering sunglasses to prevent the allergens from entering your eyes. Also, your eyes may be more sensitive to sunlight so wearing sunglasses is a good option.

Avoid pollen- Producing indoor plants-While indoor plants may not cause pollen allergy, the indoor plant soil can increase spores and mold in the house. If you suffer from allergy or hay fever, it is best to stay away from houseplants.

Use hot wash to kill dust mites-Dust mites live on the bedding and stuffed animals. It is a good idea to wash your bedding in hot water at least once a week to kill the dust mites.

allergy Fighting Trick

Avoid pollen season- Pollens are worse during certain seasons when weeds, grasses and trees pollinate. Find out your trigger season and go on a vacation on that time of the year to avoid pollen exposure. If it is not possible to go out of town, you can stay indoors as much as possible especially on windy days and mid-mornings when pollen counts are high.

Use a dehumidifier or air conditioner- Measure the humidity in your house and use an air conditioner or dehumidifier to control indoor mold and for allergy treatment.

Travel safe- If you are travelling when the pollen count is high, take care to keep the car windows closed. It is best to travel in the morning or evening hours and stay away from high-allergy places.

Clean your house- Certain places such as curtains, ill ventilated places, basements, and old books, which are the hiding places for mold and dust. Clean the house thoroughly. You can wear a mask while cleaning and go out of the house for a few hours after cleaning it to help clear the air inside.

Get rid of rats and cockroaches- Cockroaches and rats have been proven to be a cause of indoor allergy. Get rid of foods that may attract roaches and if you spot them in your house, find ways to get rid of them. Avoid irritants. Stay away from irritants that irritate your airways. Avoid smoking in your house and stay away from wood fires, strong odours, disinfectants, hair sprays.

Use neti pots- These are increasingly becoming popular to treat allergies. The treatment involves rinsing the nasal cavity with a solution that helps to flush our toxins and mucus. You can know about it more and use it in your house.

Eat honey- Taking local honey produced by the bees in your region can help in allergy treatment. As the bees transfer pollen from flowers to honey, having a little of it every day will protect you from the effects of pollen. While there is not much scientific evidence to back this theory, several studies have found this method to be quite helpful.

Take herbs- Some herbs and supplements such as spirulina, eyebright, and goldenseal have been found to be good for allergy relief.

Take a shower- A quick shower after you have been outdoors for sometime can help get rid of allergies from your hair and skin and prevent them from spreading to clothes, furniture, pillowcases, and other surfaces.

Use eucalyptus oil- The strong aroma of eucalyptus oil can help open up the nasal passages and sinuses better. The oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help make breathing easier. However don’t apply it on the skin or swallow it as it is poisonous in concentrated amounts.

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If you or your loved one is suffering from allergies and are wondering how to treat allergies, consult your doctor. Apart from these simple tips, there are several treatments available to treat the conditions.

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