As if suffering from pimples were not painful and annoying enough, you now have scars to deal with. There are two kinds of acne scars – raised and depressed. Depressed scars appear like holes on your skin.

Raised scars develop above the skin’s surface. These darkly pigmented areas left on their own can take an eternity to fade away. The good news is that there are several remedies and acne treatment solution methods to treat the acne scars. It won’t be long before you can flaunt your bright, clear and flawless complexion once again.

Acne removal methods

Acne removal methods

Acne treatment solution technology has advanced considerably over the years and removing acne is easier than before. Here are some ways to get rid of the acne.

Not picking at zits – Scars are often formed during the healing process. During this time, refrain from squeezing and picking at the pimples. It increases the probability of scarring. Most acne scars are due to picking zits, which is a sure fire way to get scars. Instead of messing with a pimple, it can help to apply some treatment that comprises a salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or sulphur on the skin. It can help to get considerably rid of the zit faster.

Topical creams – There are several products in the market that help stimulate new skin cell growth and decrease the appearance of scars. Most acne breakouts lead to redness and swelling, and the best acne solution products can help to heal it faster and make you less likely to pop it.

Use ingredients that will help soothe the inflammation such as yeast, licorice, green tea, horse chestnut, or oats. Keep in mind that treating acne and treating the scars are two different skin issues. The products that will work to heal pimples may not work to treat acne scars. Opt for the best acne solution products that are non-greasy and lightweight. These help prevent clogging of pores that lead to more pimples.

Exfoliants – If you have old scars, you can use brightening and exfoliating skin care products to remove the spots. Regular exfoliation at home can help even out the skin texture. Use a gentle exfoliant and scrub gently so that the scar is not aggravated further.

Concealer – Removing scars take time. In the meantime, you can hide your scars with the help of a concealer. Buy one that compliments your skin colour.

If you have stubborn scars that are not responding to any acne scar treatment, consult a dermatologist. An in-house procedure can be your best bet to smooth, clear skin.

Smooth Skin Again

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Here are some of these procedures to remove acne scars and improve your complexion:

  • Laser treatment methods – In this a laser beam destroys the first layer of the skin and gets rid of the acne. It leads to the formation of new, blemish-free skin.
  • Dermabrasion – This method removes the outer layer of the skin with a rotating wire brush. Acne scars are completely removed from the skin.
  • Surgery – For deep scars, a surgery is a good option. Skin graft and stitches can repair the dent left in the scar area.
  • Tissue fillers – In this procedure, fat is injected under the skin to fill out the skin, making the scars less noticeable. You need to take injections at regular intervals as the results are not permanent.

The treatments can reduce the appearance of the scars to the point that they cannot be even detected. To find the best method for you, discuss in details with your dermatologist.

Apart from the several cosmetic acne scar treatment therapies available to treat acne scars, there are some home remedies too that can work wonders to remove slowly and steadily the scars. These not only help to get rid of the scars but also help to prevent such scars in future.

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If you are not looking to get under the knife and the needles, there are some popular natural acne scar treatment that work well. Lemon juice, fenugreek, sandalwood, rose water, olive oil, cucumber, tea tree oil and aloe vera among others can be applied individually to the skin to help soothe and smoothen the skin. If again natural acne treatment solution methods are not working for you, you can move to more aggressive options.

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