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Treatment of postpartum depression

Postpartum Depression and the Baby Blues

Becoming a mother is an out of the world feeling and ladies prepare themselves for it for a long time. Women plan for it and always feel joyful, when she is expecting this wonderful gift from god. But, after giving birth, it has been studied that women sometimes lose their control on themselves and feel depressed, sad and irritated. This leads to postpartum depression and sometimes baby blues too, which is a type of clinical depression in which powerful emotions, from excitement and joy to fear and anxiety happens frequently.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Are You Suffering From Ectopic Pregnancy: Signs and Symptoms

A woman is a beautiful creation of God and more importantly has the sole potential to complete a man’s family. Growing another human inside a womb is a gift from God. But when a woman cannot give birth to a child, that is the most depressing situation for her. Infertility is when a woman is unable to reproduce. The study says, about 10-15% of Americans are affected by infertility every year. Not women, men too can be infertile. In some cases, both the genders fail to reproduce. Top causes like hormonal changes, impairment to the Fallopian tubes, cervical or uterine problems contributes to female infertility. Women wish to give birth, but she faces the unintentional loss of fetus before maturity. Ectopic pregnancy is another type of pregnancy most women face.