Semen ejaculation is the extreme state of sexual intercourse and every couple wants to lengthen orgasm, but premature ejaculation comes in between to disturb the play.

There are several causes and treatments for premature ejaculation that you should consider to make it a happy ending.

Sex is one of the important factors that help to maintain a cheerful married life. So, the sexual intercourse has to be good and healthy that satisfies both the partners. On the other hand, premature ejaculation (PE) leaves the partners unfulfilled and gasping for more. Though both the genders could be a victim of PE but men are found to be more in numbers than women. At the time, early ejaculation is the most common sexual problem that men under 40 are facing severe. Its persistency can become a cause of personal distress, anxiety and low self-confidence in men.

It’s very important to pinpoint the physical, emotional (psychological) or any other external causes of PE, so that you can take effective treatment for premature ejaculation which is more important than stopping the whole mechanism of sexual intercourse.

Premature Ejaculation

Symptoms of premature ejaculation:

PE refers to a condition when ejaculation happens too quickly and men are unable to control it during sex. Sometimes, it occurs at the beginning of foreplay or even during masturbation. In this way, the primary symptom of premature ejaculation can be defined as the inability to delay ejaculation.

Basically, PE can be classified as primary (lifelong) and secondary (acquired). One experiences primary PE lifelong, beginning from the first sexual encounter, whereas secondary or acquired PE happens in later years in sex life. The feelings of guilt, low in confidence and embarrassment or frustration can also indicate the presence of PE in men.

The symptoms of PE have to meet the diagnostic criteria in order to ascertain its presence medically. Many people have other health problems that affect sex life, but that cannot be related directly to the problem of early ejaculation.

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Premature ejaculation causes:

The exact cause of PE is difficult to specify since there can be one or a combination of emotional and biological factors. Initially, it was thought to be only the psychological causes behind low sexual performance and the early ejaculation, but now the studies have confirmed about the biological reasons too.

Psychological causes include:

Hurry to perform and finish sex

Couple having desire for sex but want to carry out it as quickly as possible; this tendency may lead to premature ejaculation. Not devoting enough time in orgasm and foreplay can force men to ejaculate early. It may be due to the lack of enough time or fear of being caught, but this pattern of sexual play does not give good pleasure of sexual excitement and, over a period of time, it becomes a cause of PE.

Anxiety, a feeling about sexual performance

The feeling of inability to perform long and preconceived with the anxiety about sex can affect sexual performance and thus you become a victim of premature ejaculation. Your anxiety may be rooted to any reasons personal, professional, or family matter, but it ultimately stimulates PE.

Relationship problems

The interpersonal relationship between partners makes an impact on the sexual performance. Both the partners have to maintain a cordial and friendly relationship to enjoy sex, while their personal issues can alter sex life and it could become a cause of PE.

Erectile dysfunction

The state of erectile dysfunction or impotence in which sexual dysfunction happens due to inability to maintain ejection of the penis firm enough during sexual intercourse. The lack of proper treatment for premature ejaculation as well as the presence of organic causes like diabetes, neurological problems, cardiovascular diseases, drug side-effects and hormonal disorder can further affect the ability of sexual performance. The worry over erectile dysfunction can make a man anxious about the healthy ejection.

Biological causes of premature ejaculation:

There are a number of biological factors affecting sexual performances through PE. These factors include:
Hormonal disorder
Insufficient neurotransmitter serotonin
Specific thyroid problems
Infection of the reproductive organs, affecting the prostate or urethra
Damage in nervous system because of trauma or surgery
Diabetes and/or cardiovascular problems
Abnormal mental condition

Lifestyle-related causes of PE:

Your lifestyle can also make an impact on your sexual performance. There are some particular factors that induce PE, such as:

Poor nutrition
Smoking and alcohol drinking
Lack of exercise
Sedentary lifestyle and obesity
Lack of full sleep and body rest
Inclination towards porn
Excess of emotional excitement

Treatment for premature ejaculation:

Men suffering from PE should take proper treatment at all possible levels. One can consider a different diagnosis helps to include behavioral therapy, natural solutions and changes in sex techniques to lengthen the period of sexual play. The medical options are also available for you. Some effective treatments for premature ejaculation include:

Stop-and-Start Method
Kegel Exercises
Deep breathing
Squeeze method
Condoms with Benzocaine
Application of Tantric techniques
Exercise and yoga
Self-control over body and mind
Retention during foreplay and orgasm
Intake of proper and nutritious diet

Your control over ejection during sexual intercourse may be difficult, but not impossible. But, if it happens due to any psychological or biological reasons, then you have to rectify it to keep married life afloat. In many cases, the lack of proper treatment for premature ejaculation makes the condition worse. Remember that PE is treatable and any lethargy towards sexual strength may hurt you physically and emotionally. Don’t become its easy victim.

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