Scanty eyelashes can be a worrisome problem. Women love to have long and thick eyelashes, however, not all are blessed with beautiful lashes. The good news is that there are certain tips that can help you boost the growth of your scanty lashes.

Below mentioned are these remedies that you can practice to get long, thick, and dark eyelashes.

Is it possible to grow eyelashes?

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Healthy Diet

You must take a healthy balanced diet to promote the growth of your eyelashes. Eat foods that are good for your eyes and eyelashes such as apples, guavas, green vegetables, meat, eggs, fish, etc. You must consider other sources of protein as well. In addition, ensure you never miss your breakfast and take some amount of fat in your daily diet. Also, don’t try to starve yourself to get slim as doing so can affect the growth of your hair, lashes, etc.

Remove makeup

Removing makeup before you go to bed is a must. No matter how tired you are, ensure you clean your eye makeup thoroughly before sleeping. Cleaning your eyes give your lashes a chance to breathe, and the more they are free from makeup, the better they will grow. Also, it is advisable to avoid rubbing your eyes at any time of the day.


Careprost is a widely prescribed solution that helps in increasing the growth of your eyelashes. It is used for treating hypotrichosis, i.e. the problem of inadequate eyelashes. This medication will help in making your eyelashes more noticeable by increasing their length and making them thicker. The active ingredient of this solution is Bimatoprost. This medication was initially designed for the treatment of glaucoma. However, Careprost Bimatoprost had a side effect. People who used it regularly started noticing an extraordinary growth of the eyelashes. Since then it has also been used as a remedy to treat scanty eyelashes. When applying Careprost, be careful that it doesn’t enter your eyes.

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Massage your eyelids

Massaging your eyelids gently can increase the blood circulation in that area, thus increasing the growth of your lashes. You can massage them every night for best results or at least a few times a week. Just wash your hands and use your fingers to massage the eyelid area along the lashes gently.

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