When our body cells, organs, and tissues work together to protect our body is known as the immune system.Our immune system plays two vital roles in our body. First, it responds to foreign organisms by producing antibodies and stimulating specialized cells which destroy those organisms.

And second, it stands guard over the cells of our body to ensure that they are not abnormal or degenerating. The thought of boosting immunity is lucrative, but to do so is not an easy task. To function well, it requires balance and harmony.

Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

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When our immune system works properly, we don’t even notice it. It’s when the performance of our immune system is compromised, we face illness. Under activity of the immune system results in severe infections and tumors of immunodeficiency, while over activity results in allergic and autoimmune diseases. It turns out that eating some pretty surprising nutrients will prove to be immune system boosters on guard.

  • Boost Your Immune System

If you take care of yourself, the immune system will take care of itself. Here are some of the healthy lifestyle habits you can practice in your day-to-day routine to cut down on sick days and keep your immune system strong and ready to fight off any virus:

  • Immune System Booster Foods

Your diet plays a part in strengthening your immune system. Sadly, many people don’t eat enough of the fresh fruits, vegetables and other foods that are needed to keep you healthy year-round. You can’t just stick to any particular kind of vitamin or minerals. A healthy immune system can only be developed if a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals is taken over time.

  • Sleep and Immunity

 Adequate sleep is one of the best immune boosters. Not getting enough sleep ruins the mental and physical health, including an impaired immune system. Your immune system is designed to protect you from colds, flu, and other ailments, but when it is not functioning properly, it doesn’t fight with any of the sicknesses. The consequences can include more sick days; sleep deprivation suppresses immune system function. The more sleepless nights you spend, the more your body’s ability to respond to colds or bacterial infections decreases.

  • Quit Tobacco Smoke

Heart diseases and lung cancer there are more subtle health issues that may already be manifesting themselves in your everyday life. Smoking may negatively affect the immune system in a variety of ways. It’s no surprise that smoking increases one’s risk of developing respiratory illnesses. It also damages and destroys antibodies in the blood stream.

  • Sun Rays

You all know sunlight provides vitamin D, which is suggested to have an impact on immunity among other things. The skin, which is the body’s largest organ has a large share of T cells, approximately twice the number circulating in the blood – stays alerted to the many microbes that can nest there.

  • Eat More Garlic

Eating garlic regularly can do wonders for your health. It doesn’t only boost your immune system, it can also help prevent heart disease.  It contains a number of nutrients that can be good for your health. Garlic is on the top in the list of immune boosting diet and supplements.

  • Regular Workouts

Simply going for a daily exercise or in a yoga class a few days in a week will make you physically strong and healthy and will also help your immune system to be at its best. Exercise may flush bacteria out of your lungs. It also causes your white blood cells to circulate more rapidly and allows your immune system to detect illnesses rapidly.

  • Laugh More

Laughter therapy is the real best medicine. It can give your immunity a ridiculously easy boost. Laughing and an overall positive attitude lowers stress levels and can promote sleep, the fun activities gives a big boost to your immune system.

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The amazing thing about the immune system is that it’s constantly adapting and learning daily body’s  functioning, it promote and help our body to fight against bacteria or viruses that change over the time. Most immune disorders result from either an excessive immune response or an autoimmune attack. Therefore, to stay away from immune-boosting medicines and follow the general good-health guidelines are the only best step you can take toward keeping your immune system strong and healthy.

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