A winning smile can make you look beautiful as well as healthy, as good teeth and good health go hand in hand. Here’s how to keep your teeth healthy and maintain that great smile.

The great smile that flashes from a beautiful face is a reward of having a proper diet, maintaining daily teeth cleaning habits and visiting your dentist regularly. You may also want to keep the teeth of your family healthy. How to keep your teeth healthy
Luckily, we have several simple tips that may help you to keep the teeth healthy and strong:

1. Brush twice a day:

It is very necessary that you should brush your teeth daily at least twice a day. You should brush once in the morning before breakfast and once in the night before going to bed after dinner. Remember to change the brush 3-4 times a year.

2. Brush thoroughly:

Brushing the teeth should never be done in haste. You should brush the teeth in a relaxed mode, and it should take almost 2-3 minutes to brush completely off the teeth to make them crystal clear. Even if you do not have teeth (e.g., Old people), then also you should gently brush your gums.

3. Use fluoridated toothpaste:

Always remember to use fluoride based toothpaste to brush your teeth. You can also use fluoride based dental floss and mouthwash to provide fluoride as it is necessary to harden the tooth enamel, and it reduces the tooth decay chances.

4. Floss the teeth properly:

It is very necessary to floss the teeth properly after a meal. It helps to bring out the sticky food items and prevent the risk of tooth decay. Regular flossing is also important to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

5. Learn to irrigate the teeth properly:

Oral irrigation is essential at least once in a day as it serves various purposes altogether. Oral irrigation helps to remove small food particles that are trapped between the tooth; it helps to remove a microbial biofilm that layers over the teeth and lastly it is helpful to give a massage to the gums thus improving the circulation in that area.

6. Limit the sugary food items:

You should try to limit the amount of sugar containing products that you consume. Bacteria that form dental plaque converts the sugar of the food items into acids, which can harm the dental health.

You should avoid:

  • Chocolate cookies
  • Icecreams
  • Jams and jellies
  • Cakes
  • Sugary cereals
  • Candies etc.

Instead, you could replace them with items such as:

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Milk
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Water
  • Unsweetened popcorns etc.

keep your teeth healthy

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7. Limit acidic foods:

To keep your teeth healthy avoid food products and drinks that consist of acidic properties as the acids soften the tooth enamel and dissolves the minerals present in the enamel to form cavities or caries. Sometimes the tooth decay occurs so ferociously that the tooth is eaten up to the root.

8. Protect the teeth from injury:

Sports and many recreational activities pose a threat to the teeth and while indulging in any dangerous sports activity, it is very important to wear protective gears like mouthguards or full face helmets to protect the teeth.

9. Avoid using your teeth for any other purpose other than chewing food:

Another useful tip to keep your teeth healthy is to avoid using teeth for any other purpose other than chewing food. Do not use the teeth for cracking nuts, opening bottle caps, opening the packaging, etc., will put the teeth into the risk zone of chipping off or breaking.

10. Do not smoke:

Smoking is one of the other factors that can increase the risk of gum diseases and it also stains the teeth. If you are addicted to smoking or chewing tobacco, then consider quitting and advice your kids to never start.

11. See your dentist regularly:

If you are suffering from a dental problem like a toothache or some gum disease, then it is very necessary to visit the dentist regularly and take a thorough dental checkup.

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Even if your teeth are healthy still you should do a dental checkup as the dentist would:

  • Give you dental cleanup
  • Check if your teeth and gums are healthy
  • Fix the dental problems and would do the fillings also
  • Help you to fix the dentures if needed
  • Give you the dental care tips

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