Are you suffering from a toothache or tooth decay? Your tooth decays day-by-day and you may remain ignorant about it. According to recent research on the condition of tooth decay, it is found that a good solution to this problem is lying in grapes.

This fruit is enriched with a particular element which helps in curing tooth decay and tooth infection efficiently. This element in grapes is called polyphenol, which is one of the most effective substances used in the tooth decay treatment.

Grapes do wonder for your Teeth and Help fight tooth decay

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This natural element is found in grape seed extract. It is highly used in strengthening the tissue that exists beneath a tooth’s enamel and is also helpful in increasing the life of resin fillings. Many people who are suffering from tooth decay should take the extract of grape seeds. It contains antioxidants, the effective substances which help to protect the tooth cells from damage. They can also prevent oral diseases and tooth infections. The research has also proved that grape seed extract offers numerous other health benefits.

How does grape extract work?

The main cause of the cavity formation is a bacteria attack. These harmful bacteria are called streptococcus mutants. Because of these bacteria, a strain is developed around your teeth. This strain reduces your tooth’s minerals, reducing the strength for fighting against the bacteria and germs that attack your tooth and make it weaker.

The research study found that the presence of polyphenol in grapes plays a very important role in resisting the bacteria to support the tooth decay treatment. This fruit is easily available everywhere, so you can eat it regularly. You can also take it in the form of red wine if you want. The presence of the polyphenol ensures that the harmful bacteria are restricted from spreading further. It prohibits the tooth decay and helps to increase your tooth’s life. The research study has also confirmed that all wines that are made from grapes are rich in polyphenol that can restrict the bacterial invasion, preventing the tooth disease without removing the essential bacteria from the body. Therefore, eating grapes could be a very good habit of treating tooth decay and toothache. The polyphenolic extracts are very effective to diminish the acidic production in the tooth. It helps to reduce the micrograms as low as 63 per ml.

How could grape seed extract help our teeth?

  • Grape seed extract makes the composite resin fillings stronger for enhancing the life of teeth and ensuring that you get an effective tooth extraction treatment.
  • The polyphenolic extract of grape seed helps to increase the strength of the dentin, a tissue of teeth that is formed as a layer just beneath the hard external enamel.
  • This dentin is generally made of collagen. It is the main structural protein in the skin and other connective tissues.
  • One of the health benefits of eating grape seed extract is that it helps to prevent tooth decay in a natural way.

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Many people are opting for resin fillings because it is a better solution for tooth infection, but a big problem with these fillings is that they may not be as long-lasting as the amalgam fillings are. Amalgam filling lasts up to 10 to 15 years or more. Grape seed extracts help in reducing the incidence of tooth extractions by increasing the life of resin fillings which normally last up to 5-7 years. The research has proved that this problem can be resolved by taking grape seed extract. Since grape seeds play an important role in tooth decay treatment, you can take care of teeth without worrying about any side effects.

The researchers also have confirmed that wine made up of grapes contains polyphenol and it protects against the disease-causing bacteria while restoring the essential bacteria in the food. This reason could be enough to include grapes in your diet. You can take grapes in the form of red wine which is made up of grapes. The choice is totally yours. You just need the presence of polyphenol in your food that disrupts the bacteria from spreading any further. This helps in the prohibition of the tooth decay and strengthens your tooth longevity. Hence, if you are suffering from a bacterial infection or a disease, consider increasing the intake of fruits especially grapes.

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