Wisdom tooth extraction is a very common surgical procedure. People have these molars removed when they are decayed, impacted, or overcrowded. There is a possibility that impaction cause damage to neighbouring teeth and can also lead to teeth problems such as bacterial growth and periodontal disease (inflammation of the gums). The dental procedure is quick and easy, but the treatment of the extraction sites in your mouth after the surgical procedure is not so easy. Postoperative care plays a significant role in healing teeth cavity.

The removal of impacted teeth can interfere with the daily activities of an individual’s life. The dental extraction leaves the patient with teeth pain, and the body takes the time to return to its normal state. The initial days after the surgery must be handled cautiously and stressful activities should be avoided during this time.

Stuff you must avoid after Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Follow teeth home relief tips to promote faster healing. Here are some important things that need to be avoided during the first few days after wisdom teeth removal:

  • Avoid consuming alcohol while taking pain relievers- Pain relievers are given for a week or so to provide relief from the post-operative discomfort and pain. Patients are advised not to drink alcohol, in case they have received sedatives. Even, if the patient has not been sedated, alcohol consumption should be stopped on the day of dental surgery. Drinking alcohol while taking pain relievers can lead to more complex health issues. Therefore, it is recommended to go through all the warnings that come along with the pain reliever medications beforehand. Alcohol intake and pain relievers together may cause problems like liver damage, oral cavities, as well as may encourage bleeding. Concurrent use of both may make you incapable of performing activities like to focus on smaller details, driving, etc.
  • Avoid smoking- Patients should not smoke following surgery until the sockets heal over. This may take a period of 3 to 4 weeks.  If you are not able to hold off for this period, try not to smoke for as long as possible after wisdom teeth removal. Smoking can complicate healing or can ultimately result in infection or dry socket.
  • Say no to hot liquids, and hard food items– Avoid consuming hot liquid for at least 24 hours after the surgery. You may drink cold beverages during the first 24 hours. Try to eat softer food items like rice, fruits, ice creams, soups, yogurt, puddings, etc. Such food items will not tear any stitches and will not get jammed into any open socket. Hard or crunchy food items such as hard bones, or chips should be avoided until the stitches have been removed or you find it comfortable to chew.
  • Do not push yourself in an activity- The remaining effects of the medicine used during your surgical procedure may alter your physical abilities and judgment. Avoid driving or operating dangerous equipment for some days or while taking the narcotic pain medication. Do not exercise strenuously for at least one week. Patients are advised to restrict their physical activities the day of wisdom teeth removal and are allowed resuming daily activities when they feel comfortable. Also, patients after dental extraction must not stand up quickly from the couch or bed as it would make them feel dizzy.
  • Avoid traveling without any precautions right after the dental surgery- It is necessary to take precautionary measures to feel comfortable while traveling after tooth removal. Keep all your medications and prescription papers with you. Take a seat near the bathroom so that you can change the gauze at regular intervals. Tell the flight attendant about your problem so that you get the food that is best suited for your condition. Otherwise, it is highly recommended to travel after two days of surgery.
  • Do not touch with your tongue- Some people have a tendency to feel the surgery site with the tongue forcibly, which often end up with more teeth pain and discomfort. Wisdom teeth removal takes almost a period of one week to heal completely and letting the site for surgery stay undisturbed during this period is mandatory.
  • Do not rinse or clean- A patient must not rinse his/her mouth for 24 hours just after wisdom teeth extraction as this may rinse the clot out of the socket and start the socket bleeding. After 14 hours, a patient can rinse with a mixture of salt and water, then let the water fall out of mouth gently instead of spitting. As the cut heals, the patient can wash more forcefully. Avoid rinsing with anything other than salt water. A patient is allowed to brush his/her teeth after a period of 24 hours, but avoid brushing the area of extraction.

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These teeth pain relief tips will help expedite your healing process and ensure that your healing is progressing normally.

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