Are you suffering from infertility? If yes, then do not disappoint, the miracle happens too. Now pregnancy is possible with Ovidac injections. The injection resolves your infertility issues just in three cycles. 

Fight Your Fertility Issues

Almost every girl grows up with the thoughts in their mind they have to enjoy their motherhood after getting married. Every woman loves to enjoy the precious time of pregnancy and likes to embrace motherhood at some point in her life. Nothing gives so much joy and happiness rather than having your own child in life. The things remain smooth for many women, but unfortunately, some women fail to conceive and devoid of the experience of motherhood due to their fertility issues.


For a woman, nothing is so disturbing than the pain of infertility, as it affects every aspect of a woman’s life. Infertility can be so horrible for women they unable to escape with negative thoughts associated with it.  They have a feeling of guilt, anger; they feel depressed and frustrated at most of the times. The negative emotions are so intense that a woman may face the loss of self-confidence and she may even lose her trust over destiny. Rather than going deep into the feelings, you should think of managing fertility issues because in today’s world nothing is impossible. You can treat your fertility problem by using anti-fertility medications like Ovidac injection.

Oviadac- A New Age Treatment For Fertility

Ovidac is a new approach for both men and women struggling with fertility problems. The medicine supports an infertile woman to conceive by resolving her fertility issues. Ovidac contains human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) as the main function component in the medicine, and it is made in the laboratory from the urine of pregnant ladies. It helps women to maintain pregnancy and give them the chance of experiencing motherhood. In men, the medications work by increasing the sperm count and pituitary disorders. Ovidac is a safe and effective treatment for young boys struggling with pubertal cryptorchidism.

HCG- An Effective Treatment For Infertility

HCG assists the development of ovarian follicles by imitating the action of FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone). This causes the release of an egg from the woman’s ovary by maintaining the appropriate level of progesterone in the body.

While in males, HCG Increases the concentration of testosterone (male sex hormone that causes the development of secondary characteristics in men). This boost in the testosterone hormone results in the creation of sperm in the somniferous tubules.

Dosage Information

Ovidac injection is obtainable in different doses, including 5000 IU and 10000 IU. In women, a single dose of 5000 to 1000 IU is enough to treat fertility troubles. It should be given intramuscularly after the administration of Menotropins.

For treating hypogonadotropic hypogonadism in men- the dose of 500 to 1000 IU should be given three times a week and two times a week for three weeks.

In young boys for the treatment of Prepubertal cryptorchidism, 500IU of Ovidac is given every other day for four injections.

Precautionary Measures

  • Do not use Ovidac if you are allergic to its constituents. Talk to your physician for an alternative treatment in spite of taking Ovidac to manage your fertility problems.
  • If you have specific health complications such as a migraine, epilepsy, heart problems, kidney impairment, renal issues, prostate cancer, thyroid problems, and premature puberty, you should not take a preparation containing HCG.
  • Avoid breastfeeding while undergoing the HCG treatment.
  • Always use a sterile needle to avoid any type of adverse effects.


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