The benefits associated with Hersolution gel are instant and effective. With the natural formula, there will be an increase of blood flow to the tissues resulting in increased desire.

You want to kiss and cuddle, but she wants to go to sleep. This situation is becoming more common than you would imagine. You might even find that your partner’s desire for sex is nearly non-existent. She may feel embarrassed even to discuss the condition, but she does not need to feel that way. She is not alone; many women worldwide experience sexual desire disorder and are the most common sexual dysfunction in women. So, what if your partner has a low sex drive? Everyone is different; some women enjoy sex more often than others, which is normal. The problem occurs when a low sex drive causes a relationship issue. Maybe you are always turn on but your partner never in the mood anymore. Low sex drive occurs when a woman is least interested in any sexual activity, including masturbation. No amount of foreplay captures her interest.  She never has any sexual thoughts and is concerned by this lack of sexual activity. A disappearing sex drive is a common sexual issue in women. Sometimes, low sex drive is linked with specific problems. According to a renowned gynaecologist and sex therapist, the inability to have sex can include illness, medications, and sometimes even a specific physical health issue related to intercourse. If you are finding a reason why she never turned on involves checking for several potential causes including hormone imbalance, genital changes, certain health conditions, psychological changes, and even use of certain medications.  

How to increase her sex drive?

The key is to treat the underlying medical conditions that may be affecting your libido.  Furthermore, lifestyle modifications can bring drastic improvement in your sexual function. These include:

  • Get plenty of sleep – If you are not getting enough sleep because of your career demands or children responsibility and constantly exhausted, you are not only affecting your sex life but also becoming unable to perform your daily tasks gradually.
  • Stop smoking- If you smoke, then you may yourself putting an end to your arousal.It is believed that smoking restricts blood flow towards the reproductive organs and make it more difficult to get your female partner in the mood.
  • Limit alcohol use- You might feel relaxed after consuming a glass or two of wine, but too much consumption can decrease your sex drive. So, be mindful of your alcohol use.  
  • Try vibrators- Many women reported increased sensation after using a vibrator for up to three months.  

Is there any solution to help get back her sex drive back?

In the world of sexual health, sometimes it is tough to find one solution which makes you satisfy whenever in between the sheets.

Hersolution gel is a doctor’s approved 100% safe and natural remedy that boost a women’s libido to have sex life a more enjoyable journey. The product comes in the gel preparation that acts quickly to create sexual arousal while reducing vaginal dryness. Every woman goes through dry spells once in her lifetime. While sexual problems are more common in older years, everything from hormone imbalance to stress can make intercourse a challenging task as it becomes much less desired. Foreplay plays a role, but it can become extremely uncomfortable physically and mentally if one cannot reach a certain level of arousal. Hersolution gel can revive the libido in women almost effortlessly. The formula aims to regain the sexual drive-in women and allow them to experience the most intimate moments with their partner. With the application of this gel, women can experience the natural lubrication of their body during foreplay, increasing the sex drive and touch sensitivity. The product is extremely beneficial for those who are looking for instant lubrication. By having lubrication, women get more pleasure from the beginnings of foreplay and intercourse. Carefully formulated by the experts and professionals, Hersolution is a blend of herbs, essential nutrients, and aphrodisiacs that work to restore hormone imbalances or stress-induced issues that may be preventing you from experiencing the desire of sexual intimacy. Your partner will be too pleased to do what he does best when he knows how much you will enjoy his actions.


There is no appropriate level of sexual drive. Some women have a bit higher while others may have lower than average.  That is quite normal. The problem occurs when there is a lack of arousal, causing a disturbance in your personal life. When a low sex drive is associated with a health problem, the solution is easy.  For some women, a little dab of Hersolution can reverse the condition.   

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