Research shows asthmatics suffer from more infections and should be under the medical supervision of a doctor. Buy Ventolin Inhaler online for the treatment of bronchial asthma.

According to experts, individuals with chronic conditions that affect the immune system such as asthma, diabetes, and lupus are more prone to viral infections like coronavirus. Keep reading to know more about immunocompromised patients and the pandemic COVID-19. 

An immunocompromised individual cannot fight infections as when compared to people with a healthy immune system. This makes the person vulnerable to get viral, bacterial, or fungal infections. Once he/she got affected by the infection, his/her weak immune system may take more time to fight off the infection. Now the question arises who is considered immunocompromised? Individuals with chronic conditions, functional immunosuppression, inherited conditions, and use of medications tend to develop a compromised immune response as the byproduct of the medical condition.

In coronavirus season, there is a lot of buzz around those who are high risk for this infection and associated complications. Elderly over the age of 60 and those who often have a compromised immune response are specifically at risk. So, this means, they are more likely to get affected with the COVID-19 illness, as per guidelines given by the Health Organization (WHO). This is specifically implemented for those who are suffering from a respiratory illness like asthma.

What do you need to know about asthma and COVID 19?

Asthma is a lung disorder affecting 1 in 12 Americans. Individuals suffering from asthma not only have problems with their airways and lungs. They also tend to develop many infectious diseases, research says. Lung disease causes you to wheeze, sneeze, and cough. Chest tightness and shortness of breath are also common symptoms associated with asthma. However, the symptoms can be managed by using inhalers like Ventolin Inhaler 100 mcg and avoiding triggers. You can buy Ventolin inhaler online from a trusted source to ensure the originality of the product. The inhaler medication contains the active ingredient Salbutamol, which is effective for relieving an asthma attack. Ventolin inhaler online relieves symptoms of bronchial asthma, prevent an asthma episode associated with the allergen. Salbutamol works by eliminating bronchospasm and cause widening of airways in the lungs.

When it comes to COVID-19, it is a respiratory disorder that has already affected millions of people across the world. The respiratory disease is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is believed to affect the cells in the airways, from the nasal membrane and throat down deep to the lungs. Usually, it appears as common symptoms of cold, gradually cause cough, and shortness of breath in the upper airways. Once the virus enters deep in the lungs, conditions become serious. Scientist says coronavirus give rise to bilateral pneumonia, also called as double lung infection.

There is no evidence yet that can establish the link between asthma and COVID-19 illness. Scientists so far do not suggest the relationship between asthma and developing severe complications associated with coronavirus.

Does the coronavirus outbreak affect those with asthma?

There is still not enough data yet that shows that COVID-19 is especially threatening to people who are suffering from asthma. But why is too much buzz around the asthmatics that they are more likely to catch the dangerous virus? A few research studies showed no link between the pandemic and asthma yet. However, a majority of people thinks that they are immunocompromised, or they have a weak immune system due to a disease or excessive use of medication. An individual with a weakened immune system is more likely to catch an infectious disorder as compared to those who are not immunocompromised. Asthma medication may make some people immunocompromised. Medications such as omalizumab, corticosteroids, antibiotics, Tiotropium, and a combination of the inhaler and a daily steroid can blunt the immune system.

One must consult a health care specialist before using an asthma medication as it could make him/her immunocompromised.

For asthma patients, it is important to take the medication as prescribed to manage the symptoms. Patients should follow the released new guidelines given by the CDC for people with asthma. Stay home and practise social distancing at the time of pandemic is essential.

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