The more the world is turning digital, the more cases of eye vision problems are coming up. Increased use of computers in the workplace and at home have invited several eye issues like computer vision syndrome etc.

Many individuals who are working tirelessly in front of computer screens are coming up with several eye related problems like ocular discomfort, muscular stress, and strain. The amount of computer use decides the levels of discomfort, the more you use the computer, the more you are at risk of developing eye problems.

Your computer can wreck your vision

Reason behind eye problems:

Reports suggest that a variety of computer users are suffering from one or the other kind of computer problems. The symptoms of the computer vision syndrome can vary in different people while some may experience headaches, sore throats and fatigue and the others may have to suffer from dry eyes and double vision. The symptoms vary according to the computer usage.

The major reason for the different computer vision syndrome are:

  • Poorly arranged workstation:

The visual demand of the task at a workplace can be reduced by maintaining a proper ergonomic design and proper work environment. The color scheme of the computer and brightness should be adjusted to best standard levels. Such kind of adjustment of sitting position, computer and desk position can improve the efficiency of working of the computer user.

  • Radiations emitted by the computer screen:

Computer emits various ionizing and non-ionizing radiations like UV rays, X-rays, infrared rays and radio waves that are harmful to the eyes. There are various radiations that are too low to be measurable but are known to cause the problems of eyes etc.

  • Uncorrected vision problems:

If the computer user has even the slightest amount of uncorrected vision problem, then it is going to significantly affect the workers activity levels. Any uncorrected problem of eyes like myopia, hypermetropia, far-sightedness and near-sightedness all are known to contribute vision problems related to the eyes.

Age may also play a big reason behind vision problems related to screen as the muscles become weak to change the focus accordingly

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Different ways to do eye strain treatment and relief:

  1. Invest in a good quality computer screen at home and let your office IT department decide the best suitable computer screens for eyes. A high-resolution computer screen is best known to adjust with eyes.
  2. Position your computer screen directly in front of your eyes. Otherwise you can easily get a stiff neck to adjust your eyes to the screen.
  3. The glare present on the computer screen can bring strain to your eyes. Do not use shades in the room and also position the lighting just behind your back pointing towards the screen. This way you can easily reduce the glare and protect your eyes from strain.
  4. Do not forget to blink while working continuously in front of computer screen. It is one of the common tips given to the person who wants to get the computer eye syndrome treatment. It is reported that people often forget to blink and can even blink half the time it did otherwise.
  5. Use good eyedrops to bring the moisture back to the dry eyes. These eye drops act as artificial tears to moisten the eyes.
  6. Get the proper amount of sleep, as it is one of the main things that you can do for your eyes. Proper shutdown time is necessary to give your eyes some rest and let it refresh itself from different kinds of day to day wear/tear.
  7. Frequent breaks are very necessary tip given for computer eye syndrome treatment. It is a common advice. One is suggested to take proper breaks and follow a 20-20-20 rule, which says that every twenty minutes you are required to shift eyes from computer screen to something as far as 20 feet for 20 seconds. It is known to improve the flexibility of the eye muscles.
  8. Eat plenty of proteins and Vitamin-C for improving the health of eyes and for keeping the eyes healthy.
  9. For good eye strain treatment, it is necessary that you drink plenty of fluids especially water and keep your body hydrated.

A large number of people are suffering from eye strain syndrome and for such people the tips mentioned above can bring do wonders. These tips are known to protect your eyes and keep them healthy for a long time.

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