Bones are a very important part of our body. A regular healthy diet and exercise are essential for bone strengthening.  In a study, it is observed that 50% of men and women face bone issues at the age of 50 and above. Moreover, many people who are struggling with weak bones are using supplements and prescription medicines for healthy bones.

Whether you’re young or old, it’s very important to have a good bone mass, if you don’t have, then you may be more likely to have fractures. Weak bone is the main cause of fracture, hip replacement, etc. Osteoporosis is the official diagnosis; it is a bone disease in which your bones losses the calcium and become more likely to break. Women at the age of 50 and men at the age of 60 are more prone to bone disorders. The reason being, women face the risk of weak bones after their menopause when there is a drop in estrogen, whereas, in men, a decrease in testosterone hormone could contribute to bone loss. Luckily, having a healthy diet with enough nutrients and a good lifestyle can help you to build strong bones.

More likely, our body needs minerals, calcium, phosphate, and vitamins for healthy bones. In our life span, our body continues to build new bones and reabsorb the old one. Expert says that our entire skeleton is replaced in almost every 10 years. But it is believed as long as you take a nutritious diet and follow a healthy lifestyle, you can maintain the bone mass. A healthy diet along with healthy lifestyle habits can reduce the use of medicines for healthy bones.

Tips to Strengthen Bones

Few tips for healthy bones are as follows:

  1. Increased intake of protein- In old age, there is less consumption of protein, which is one of the major causes of bone loss. Protein is an important part of your lifestyle; it helps in strengthening not only bones but also improves overall health. Restricting the protein can lead to reducing the growth of hormones that could help to maintain bone health. Eating more protein can help in absorbing calcium and may slow down the progression of bone disease osteoporosis. A lower intake of protein may increase the risk of bone loss, whereas a high intake of protein will support bone at the time of aging and weight loss.
  2. Vitamin D to boost energy- Vitamin D helps in absorbing calcium and phosphorus from the food we eat. Low bone density can weaken your bones and make them fragile. Vitamin D occupies the first spot when it comes to vitamins for healthy bones. A study shows that vitamin D and calcium together can help in boosting and strengthening bones.
  3. Exercise- Living a sedentary lifestyle will lead to a lot of risks. All of us well know that daily exercise can keep our body fit and make our bones strong. Expert says a 30-minute routine exercise will boost the energy and prevent your bones from osteoporosis.
  4. More vegetable and fruits- There are many fruits and vegetable that are rich in essential bone minerals like magnesium, potassium, and other minerals. Consuming vegetable and fruits helps to create healthy bones in childhood and protect bones mass in young, adult, and elderly.

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  • Limit caffeine- Caffeine reduces the absorption of calcium. Therefore, it should be consumed in limited quantity.
  • Adding more calcium– Calcium is essential for bone health. It’s the most vital nutrients for healthy boned, and it enhances bone density and strength. Drinking a glass of milk, yoghurt, eating cottage cheese can give you a considerable amount of calcium.
  • Reduce intake of alcohol- Alcohol consumption can have a negative impact on your bone density. Reduce alcohol intake for maintaining bone health.
  • Get enough nutrient- Prevention is better than cure- if we keep ourselves fit and healthy by eating a balanced diet, there will be less chance for bone loss. To keep bones strong, it very important to maintain a balance between the old bones and the new bones.