The bones are the main structural part of our body and there are certain food items that help us to build strong bones. The main nutrients for the bone health are calcium and Vitamin D. These two are necessary for strong bones and keeping a good bone density. Food for healthy bones and maintaining a good diet for strong bones should be a very necessary part of our wholesome diet.

If you are having osteoporosis then you must have a diet rich in the two nutrients mentioned above. Adults over 50 should especially take care to keep these ingredients in their diet so as get the food for strong bones. Taking enough calcium supplements and best vitamins for bones should be the first priority in order to maintain your healthy body.

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  • Yogurt: many people love yogurt and it is a good source of vitamin D and calcium both. Fat-free yogurt contains about 30% of calcium and 20% of vitamin D of your requirements.
Food for Building Strong Bones
  • Milk: it is the poster child of calcium and it is also rich in Vitamin D.So, have a glass of milk daily to increase your bone strength and to make your teeth If you don’t like to have plain milk, try something interesting with it, make a smoothie or a sauce, but it would surely have added calories in it.
  • Eggs: Vitamin D is present in the yolk of eggs. But the only thing is that the vitamin D content of eggs is very less, its 6% only, still eggs are quick to eat food items and you can enjoy the eggs any time of the year. The egg yolk should never be thus discarded, include it in your diet for strong bones and teeth.
  • Sardines: It is yet another fish that is high in vitamin D and calcium. You can find this fish in canned form in most of the markets and you can enjoy the odd looking yet delicious sardines in the form of fried fish, salads and pasta.
  • Tuna fish: Tuna fish in any form either fresh or canned is both very rich in a most important vitamin for bones, i.e. Vitamin D. The 3 ounces of canned tuna fish contains a good amount of sunshine vitamin, about 30% of what you get from the sunshine.
  • Cheese: Cheese is an item that most people love to relish and don’t mind to include it in their diet. It is rich in both calcium and Vitamin D, but it doesn’t mean that you can eat it in excess. Eat the cheese in moderation and it will act best to balance your daily requirement of calcium. Although the vitamin D content of the cheese is not that much still it is enough to meet your daily requirements.

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  • Salmon: The heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids are abundantly found in salmon fish. Salmon is also very rich in Vitamin D that is necessary for increasing the bone density, so savour the dishes made of salmon and include the overall healthy food in your diet.
  • Spinach: If you are not fond of any dairy products, then you can rely on the tasty spinach. Spinach contains a good amount of iron, calcium, plus fibre, and vitamin A.
  • Cereals that are fortified: Wheats, whole grains, walnuts contained in Kashi U are all rich in vitamin D and cereals are the best way to get vitamin when you are not able to sit in sun or cook salmon or tuna.
  • Greens: these are the most important leafy veggies full of calcium and you can enjoy a large number of green leafy vegetables in the form of tasty, delicious breakfast item frittata.

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