Indoor allergies are known to cause various health related issues. Rather going for costly cleanup procedures for your homes, try to reduce the indoor allergies with the easy tips ideas given in this article.

Tips to Reduce Indoor Allergens

Indoor allergens:

These are the allergens like dust mites, the waste of these mites, animal wastes like dander, pet urine, and skin flakes, spores and cockroach waste etc. These allergens are found indoors in the form of dust particles and they can be inhaled inside the lungs through nose, through skin contact or through eyes. These allergens can cause various allergies in the people who are sensitive and comes in contact with these allergens.

Tips to reduce indoor allergens:

To keep your home clean and the air inside it fresh you do not need to spend a fortune, here are some easy tips to reduce indoor pollution without overspending:

1. Start outdoors:

Outdoors are the main areas from where you can easily catch an allergen, so, everytime you walk inside your house from outside never forget to remove your shoes outside. You should clean your entryway, patios and sidewalks. Always try to keep the sneeze causing allergens out of your way.

2. Vacuum regularly:

Make sure that if you have pets and rugs/carpets in the house then you use HEPA filters to vaccum the indoors. The allergens in the air are often very minute in size and them are so small that they are not able pass through normal vacuum filter, hence HEPA filters should be used. These make the air clean to a great extent.

3. Wash sheets on weekly basis:

The bedsheets should be changed and washed regularly, at least in a week’s time, it is yet another simple tip on how to treat allergens. Make sure you wash the sheets in hot water as it is necessary to kill the dust mites. Do wash the stuffed toys also with warm water if your child has allergies to the dust etc.

4. Skip scented detergents:

Those people who are allergic to scents should avoid the use of scented bedsheets as they are prone to cause more allergies and make the condition of the person.

5. Cut the clutter:

The clothings/ boxes can cause lots of dust and mites to pile up all over the house. Avoid the clutter at any cost as it is prone to cause indoor allergens like mites and cockroaches make its way.

6. Keep the bathroom free of mold:

Mold is one of the common allergens and bathrooms are the common places to have those mold to breed, so clean the tiles of your bathroom everyday and wash your shower curtain regularly.

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7. Use damp cloth for cleaning:

While mopping the house make use of damp cloths for the purpose as it will trap the dust rather than spreading it in the air. Clean the floor, stairs and entryway using damp mop as these are the most common places where the dust can settle very easily.

8. Clean the entryways daily:

Remember to clean the entryways, the cleaner it will be, the safer you will be from the dust and other allergens. If you are allergic to dust ask someone else to clean your entryway for you.

9. Always keep the food covered:

Never leave your food uncovered, as it will attract a lot of allergens and microbes to breed on it. The cockroaches can infect the food and consumption of such food will leave you sick, or you may develop food poisoning.

10. Wear protective mask while cleaning:

If you are allergic to dust or pollution, never do the dusting without wearing the mask. Mask will protect you from inhaling the dust flying in the air while you do the cleaning work. Once you are done with cleaning, leave the house for a while till the suspended particles in the air are settled down and they no longer will be able to enter through your nostrils.

11. Keep the pets out of bedroom:

If you are prone to pet allergies then you need to stay from the pets as much as you can. Pet allergies are due to the allergies related to their dander, skin flakes and urine. Do not allow the pets to enter the bedroom or sleep on your bed. If it happens accidently then never forget to vacuum clean the bed before sleeping on it.

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The methods and ways to control indoor allergens are different in different seasons, so make sure you follow the bsoc thing of cleaning your house regularly to keep house allergen free.

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