Ways to get Rid of Lurkers, or Hidden Pimples

Lurkers are a form of pimples which lay under the skin. It occurs due to the combination various acne causes like clogging of skin pores, dead skin cells and excessive production of sebum oil etc. Basically, lurkers are very painful pimples which grow deep below the skin’s surface, but they can be cured by the effective acne medication. You can get rid of this problem by the natural or home solutions too.

Lurkers as a common skin problem:

Lurkers or hidden pimples and mostly outbreak on the facial skin after from neck, behind the ear and some other body parts. Since it grows under the fatty skin, we find it a bit harder to identify at the initial stage.

Causes of lurker outbreak:

There are different acne causes such as:

  1. As always, the excess amount of skin oil and bacteria invasion, dead cells are mostly responsible for the lurkers.
  2. Hormonal changes can also cause this problem. Teenagers mostly experience this problem due to the hormonal disorder.
  3. Women during pregnancy probably experience lurkers due to the hormonal changes.
  4. Family history or hereditary is also a factor. If your parents, brother or sister have had this problem, you are also likely to experience it.
  5. Another reason might be the intake of certain medicines and untested acne cure that you use by ignorance.
  6. Excess use of oily and chemical products that can also cause acne and other skin problems.
  7. Environmental pollutions and humidity can also be a cause of lurker.
  8. Stress and depression also play a role in causing such a skin problem.

How can we get rid of lurkers?

The market is filled with various acne medicines that you can use under a doctor’s prescription. Experts recommend making some change in your lifestyle for skin care and remove such skin spots at your ease.

  1. First of all, stop using cosmetic oil and skin care products such as shop, cream, and moisturizers because these products can adversely affect the skin texture and cause acne.
  2. Don’t go very hard in the affected area. Do not scrub the affected skin because it may be enlarged and stretch pores and that would be painful too.
  3. Wash, clean and dry the affected area at least twice or thrice a day. This action will take away the excess amount of skin oil, dead cells, and harmful bacteria. Wash your face gently with the help of warm water and then apply the provided skin medication as recommended by the dermatologist.
  4. Hair can be a reason for acne breakout because it contains a large amount of oil. So, try to keep your hair trimmed and clear off the affected area.
  5. As we all know that stress and depression can cause acne, so try to take full sleep and relax your body through recreational activities and meditation.
  6. The sun’s UV rays can cause lurkers on the skin, so try to avoid it and don’t expose you’re your skin when the sun is at its piercing best.
  7. Wash, remove make up, clean and dry your face before going to the bed; it helps to stop the growth of bacteria on the skin.
  8. Daily exercise is an excellent acne treatment as sweating can open skin pores, reducing the risk of acne breakout.
  9. Take bath daily to remove dirt, oil, and bacteria from the skin.

What type of acne medicine should we consider?

  1. A warm water treatment is a good acne medication it helps to circulate blood in the affected area and reduce acne breakout. You just have to wash the affected area with warm water with the help of cotton or clean cloth. Doing this practice twice a day can mitigate the risk of lurkers.
  2. Honey is a fabulous natural product to unclog skin pores. You can dab honey on the affected area and then wash it off after a few minutes. Use honey once a day for a few weeks to see the changes on your skin.
  3. Lemon is a good source of vitamin ‘C’ which is good for skin health. It provides a good acne cure by cleansing the dead skin cells and penetrates the skin to get you rid of lurkers.
  4. Take healthy foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals as it helps your skin to enhance its immune capacity. Food nutrients work wonder as an acne treatment as always.

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