Most of the people ignore hair loss thinking it’s a common process and try to hide bald patches and thinning hair with a hairstyle. But thinning hair is not that common as you may think. It is a dermatological issue and must be prevented or treated on time.

Usually, a normal scalp has about 120000 – 150000 hair strands and every day around 50 – 100 hair strands fall down. The number of shedding hair is very less but, when a large number of hair shed then there must be a serious problem that requires hair loss treatment as early as possible.

Preventing hair loss and thinning hair:
Hair loss prevention can be done by following some steps like:

Healthy lifestyle
A healthy lifestyle is essential for healthy hair. Try to avoid smoking and alcohol and be more punctual in life. Do regular exercise and stay away from hard cosmetic products that can affect the health of your hair.Useful tips to prevent thinning of hair and hair loss

Healthy diet
Diet plays a vital role in the hair loss prevention and treatment of thinning hair. You diet should be full of fruits and vegetables fulfill the requirement of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B, iron, calcium and zinc, etc. Protein diet is essential to take as protein has the potential to nourish hair. According to the dermatologists, balanced diet makes hair bouncy, shiny, manageable, long and strong.

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Take care of your hair
Hair needs proper care to protect it from damage, dirt and infection. Always apply shampoo on scalp and hair roots and conditioner should concentrate on ends of the hair as ends tend to dry faster and happens to damage more promptly than scalp part. You must use good quality of hair products and herbal items are good to protect hair damage. Besides all these, hair trimming is also required after a certain time period to get rid of split ends.

Avoid bad things for hair care
In some conditions hair become weak and pull out easily from the root so, we have to avoid such things from our daily practice. Wearing various styles which pull the hair tight enough is not good if you are taking a hair loss treatment. Sometimes, hair comes out of the root due to tightening. Chemical treatments like gel, hair styling, straightening, perming, hot oil treatments, hot ironing and other such treatments should be used with a limit. Avoid blow drying as it dries the scalp and damages hair follicles. Combing wet hair or rough toweling is also not desired. Hair pulling habit for hair styling or ponytails is harmful; it pulls out too many hair.

Adopt simple home treatments
Homemade hair loss treatments are proven to be the best and being followed for centuries by the people from ancient times. Some of the home remedies for better hair are as follows:

  • Apply a paste of henna, curd, soaked fenugreek, hibiscus flower, ground gooseberries and egg for half an hour before shampooing, this paste will make your hair stronger and shinier
  • Squeezed decoction of tea and a lemon in some water, regular use of this remedy will keep your hair dandruff free
  • Apply coconut or almond oil and let your scalp soak its nutrition for half an hour, it will make your hair smooth and shiny.

Hair loss treatments and drugs:
Hair loss treatments include medications, laser therapy, surgery, wigs and hairpieces. The major effect of treatments is to promote hair growth, slow down hair loss and hide hair loss.

Medications: Medications are used to treat baldness like:
This medicine is recommended by dermatologists to prevent hair loss. Application of this medicine on the scalp twice a day helps to grow hair. This medicine shows its effect in 16 weeks.

This medicine is recommended only for men for slowing down the hair loss process and faster hair growth.

These medicines also have some side effects like scalp irritation and unwanted hair growth. They may also diminish sex drive and sexual function as well as increase the risk of prostate cancer.

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Surgery to get hair again:
Surgeries are performed in the case of permanent hair loss. In surgery, the tiny plugs of hair are removed from the sides and back sides of the scalp where some hair are present and implant to the bald section of the scalp. The surgical treatment for baldness is painful as well as expensive. Laser therapy and wigs & hair pieces are two major surgeries for hair loss.

Laser Therapy – In this type of therapy, a low-level laser device is used to treat the baldness in men and women. This hair loss treatment can improve the hair conditions and thickness of hair.
Wigs and hair pieces – It can be used to cover permanent or temporary hair loss. You can pick a quality and natural-looking wigs and hair pieces as per your doctor’s prescription. This solution is also useful to hide thinning hair and there are no side effects as such.

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