Headache is one of the most common types of pain experienced by adults as well as children.It can be experienced by anyone and there can be several headache triggers.

There are various types of headaches and it may also run in families. Headaches can be a constant or episodic type of pains. It is possible to have more than one type of headache at a time. Headaches can range in different frequencies and severities. Headache could also be a symbol of more severe body function disorder that may require a quick medical care.

Top triggers of migraine attack

It is very hard to avoid headaches completely, but there are a few common trigger points that you must need to avoid to prevent the headache in the future. There are many things that can trigger a headache or a migraine headache such as:

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  1. Weather: In some people weather might a small trigger to get a migraine. Be it cold, hot or rainy, any season can trigger headache in such people. As we cannot change the weather, we can somehow avoid it by using sunglasses on a sunny day, wearing raincoats on a rainy one and having warm clothes during winters.
  1. Stress: It is the most common headache triggers. Due to tension and stress, certain brain chemicals are released from your brain and cause the shrinking of blood vessels. It causes the stress related headache.
  1. Strong scents: Even the nicest smell can act as a headache trigger in some people. The power smells like that of paint, perfume and a few flowers can act as a strong trigger inducing agent.
  1. Caffeine: Caffeine can act from both sides, on moderate consumption, it can calm a headache, or it can be the cause of headache trigger. Consumption of alcohol on the moderate levels is known to bring relief in headaches, rather than abruptly withdrawing caffeine completely.
  1. Chocolate: It is known to trigger migraines and headaches. Chocolate is known to have a substance known as phenylethylamine that is known to cause the shrinkage of blood vessels and thus leading to headaches. Chocolates also are rich in caffeine; hence, it is known to cause migraine attack.

Top triggers of migraine attack

  1. Hair accessories: Many people have complained of the hair accessories causing them headaches. It is a common thing among those who tie their ponytail either too tight or too high. The strain on the scalp tissue is the reason behind your headache. Those who wear tight headbands, caps and ill fitted hats can also face the same problem.
  1. Cigarette smoke: Inhaling the cigarette smoke either actively or passively can trigger the headache. The headache is not only felt by the person who smokes but also by a person who inhales the second hand nicotine, as it is known to narrow the blood vessels.

Top triggers of migraine attack

  1. Sleep disturbances: People who do not get enough amount of sleep, complain of continuous headaches. A sleep disorder is also a common problem known as sleep apnea. Stick to a patterned sleep routine every night.
  1. Exercise: In some people strenuous exercises like jogging can trigger headaches. A few also complain of sexual activity leaving their head sore. Check with your doctor if it is quite often a case, so as to rule out any other hidden cause.

Top triggers of migraine attack

  1. Red wine: Red wine is rich in tyramine and flavonoids etc. The levels of serotonin in the body changes and the person is left with a severe headache after consuming alcohol like red wine.
  1. Poor posture: The muscles of the neck and shoulder are left paining if you slouch on your desk or if you are engaged in too much of computer work. Make appropriate changes in your workplace environment to make it suitable for you to work healthily.

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  1. Cheese: Another headache trigger in some people that is a very common one is cheese. Many aged cheeses like Cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese, Swiss cheese and Blue cheese are rich in tyramine content and hence they produce migraines and headaches.
  1. Medicines: Many OTC medicine and hormonal pills are known to cause headaches. Hormonal replacement drugs and blood pressure drugs are the most common cause of frequent headaches. Overuse of OTC pain reliever drugs is another reason for rebound headaches.
  1. Cold and flu: In the condition of too much cold and cough, our body starts acting against the virus causing the cold. There are approximately 200 cold viruses and one of the common inflammatory responses against this cold and flu is a headache.

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