Tips To Prevent Dry Skin This Winter

Winter can be harsh to your skin. Cold and dry air steal moistures from your skin. Most people suffer from dry and patch skin due to cold weather. Dry skin can strike all over the body from, your face to feet. Without the proper care, dry skin can contribute to redness, itchiness, cracking, chapping, flaking, and even give rise to conditions such as eczema. Once your skin loses its moisture and dry skin sets in, it can be difficult to restore the moisture. But healthy eating and proper skin care, you can counteract these effects and keep your skin healthy. Here are a few winter skin care tips for clear skin in winters:

  • Eat healthy fats and more omega 3 fatty acids- In order to achieve soft and supple skin; it is important to moisturize from inside and out both. Your skin cells need fats to stay healthy. Eating a lot of healthy fats such as avocados, Chia seeds, chicken, nuts, eggs, turkey, beef, cheese, whole yogurt and milk will help dramatically in approving the appearance of your skin. Other good sources of fats are oils, olive oil and coconut oil can be consumed with to keep your skin well moisturized.
  • Use mild cleansers- A regular soap can be harsh and dry your skin, so to prevent dry skin, choose a gentle cleanser specially formulated for people with dry skin. A cleanser with added moisturizing properties will do the trick in winters. Buy skin care products online to get huge discounts.
  • Pick a rich skin moisturizer- Moisturizing is an essential part of our skincare routine, but it is particularly important in freezing winters. Make sure you choose a product that goes with your skin type and keeps it from drying out. Put it after a few minutes of bathing to trap the moisture and reapply several times throughout the day. Vaseline can be your best friend in cold weather. From dry lips to cracked heels, this wonder jelly can fix anything. A pure moisturizer like Vaseline petroleum jelly is used to prevent flaky and dry skin.
  • Avoid super hot water while showering- A hot water shower can be relaxing in chilling winters, but it tends to dry out your skin even more. It is believed that hot water removes natural oils from the skin which cause dry skin. Experts suggest that use lukewarm water and keep your shower short. Towel dry your skin and apply moisturizer as soon as you get out of the shower.
  • Stay well hydrated- If you are healthy inside, you will automatically look healthy outside. A healthy lifestyle is important when it comes to maintaining a healthy body. Drink water, eat healthily and exercise regularly to keep your brain and skin healthy.

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  • Protect skin from dry air- Cold and dry air can steal the moisture from your skin, leaving it flaking, chapped and cracked in severe cases. Wear gloves, scarfs, mufflers, and hats to cover the exposed skin. Cover the exposed area of skin to protect your skin from the elements that suck valuable moisture from your skin.
  • Protect yourself from UV rays- Just because it is the cold weather doesn’t mean sun can’t damage your skin. The ultraviolet rays still penetrate into the atmosphere and cause skin issues. Be cautious while spending a day out in winters. A full coverage clothing should be considered. Sunscreen should be worn during extending sun exposure.
  • Don’t over exfoliate your skin- Exfoliation once a week is more than plenty in freezing cold weather. Do not over exfoliate your skin.
  • Stay away from alcohol based products- Putting products with alcohol can dry your skin out. Avoids astringents that can be very harsh on your skin.

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