Today, hair loss is a common phenomenon faced by several people all across the globe. It is not biased towards a particular gender and occurs equally in both men and women. However, there are various answers to the question of how to stop the hair loss.

Prevent Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss is a natural event that is triggered by multiple potential causes like diet, ageing, stress, diseases, pollution or the genetics. But when it comes to men several lifestyle patterns may like excessive head sweating while wearing caps or helmets may also trigger hair loss.

In males, hair loss follows a pattern hence it is known as male patterned hair loss or alopecia. Male patterned hair loss mostly occurs due to genetics, but much other common ignorance may also initiate the baldness. Here is the list of To-do and Not-to-do to help you stop the unwanted loss of hair in males and avoid the baldness altogether:

1. Wash hair regularly with mild shampoo:

A huge amount of hair loss can be prevented in males if they keep the dirt and sebum away from their heads. It is thus very necessary for men to spend some time under the shower shampooing their heads and keeping their scalp dirt free.

2. Take vitamins for hair loss:

Taking vitamins is not only essential for the body but it is also necessary of keeping their hair in good health. Vitamin-A is good for the sebum production; Vitamin-E is necessary to increase the blood circulation in the scalp area, and Vitamin B helps to retain the original hair colour.

3. Increase protein intake:

Hair is essentially made up of a long chain of amino acids forming a protein known as keratin. Hence, proteins are an essential part of the hair. Thus to prevent hair loss it is very necessary to maintain the adequate amount of protein in the body. These help in the replenishment of the hair follicles and stop the falling hairs. Fish, meat, soy, etc. are good sources of protein.

4. Massage with oils:

A good hair oil massage can increase the blood circulation in the scalp area and can make sure that the hair follicles remain in the active state for a long time. For hot oil massage, you can use olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil. All of these are rich in vitamin E and antioxidants and thus are very good for hair growth promotion.

5. Increase water intake:

Each strand of hair contains one-third of the water, and hence water is an essential part of the hair. So, it is very crucial to have a sufficient amount of water every day. Nearly four to eight cups of water a day is good for hydration and allows a healthy hair growth.

6. Avoid alcohol:

Those men, who are worried of their losing hair, should stay away from alcohol because it is well known that consumption of alcohol imbalances the body fluids and promotes hairline reduction.

7. Avoid smoking:

Smoking is well known to cause hair fall because the nicotine present in it cause the blood flow and circulation in the scalp area to decrease. As a result of which the growth of the hair is stunted and hair fall occurs more prominently.

8. De-stress:

Stress and tension may also lead hair fall. Those who want to know the ways to prevent the loss of hair should first find out the reasons for their stress and should work out to eliminate those. As stress can lead to hormonal imbalance sin the body and might trigger a hairless.

9. Avoid constant hair drying and heating:

Continuous use of hair styling products and heating devices may cause to the hair become thin and weak. It makes them prone to easy breakage and falling off. Hence to avoid the loss of hair it is very necessary to use the styling products minimally and to use a heat protectant whenever you style your hair with the heating process.

10. Avoid head sweating:

Head sweat is a prominent reason for hair loss. Many sports persons or bike riders who need to wear the helmets for long hours face the problem of patched hair loss due to friction and sweating of the scalp area. It is because of less aeration in the area and clogging of the pores due to sweat. The best alternative suggested is the use of a scarf on the head before putting the helmet.

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If you are one of those males who are hiding their receding hair line, then it’s time for you to take steps to stop the hair loss by following some precautionary measures. Although genetics is irreversible, with proper hair care, you can control the premature falling and greying of hair.

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