It seems to be a bit hard to protect the natural beauty and achieve a glowing face amidst so many internal and external factors that take a toll on your complexion. You have to learn how to protect your skin from environmental damage and unfavorable lifestyle that may fade its natural beauty.Tips to maintain glowing skin

Whether you are going out to study, work or just on an adventurous trip, it’s not necessary that environment will always be in favor of your skin. Before learning the skin glow tips, one should know about those bad habits or negative factors that can cause dull skin or take away the beauty of the skin.

Changes in skin:
You have to face UV rays, dust, smoke, possible allergic elements as well as internal distortions that somehow make an impact on the body and skin. You have to take care of your skin’s health that largely creates the first impression at any interaction. Our skin gets matured in the twenties and, it begins to lose its elastic qualities in the late thirties and this process continues with aging. Most of the remedies for glowing skin are probably taken by the people in their thirties and forties.

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Apart from the natural effects of aging and genetic causes, there are some lifestyle-related factors that can take away the smoothness and natural glow of the skin. Some of the major habits include:

• Chemical contact
Overuse of cosmetic products like soaps, scents and creams can damage the skin texture and make it dull. An overdose of makeup or beauty products is always harmful to the health of the skin. You can take some tips for healthy skin from the experts regarding the application of chemical products and understand how much is too much for your skin.

• Exposure to sunlight
Sun’s UV rays are proved to damage skin harder than other environmental factors. Sun rays are more piercing between 11 am to 3 pm that can cause skin tanning and blackheads. Much exposure to the sun can also make your skin rough, blotchy or scratchy, dull and leathery. Though a mild amount of sunbath is healthy for skin, so you have to ensure how much exposure to the sun is good enough to maintain a glowing face and fair complexion.

• Cigarette and alcohol
It’s very easy to identify the difference between the skin texture of a smoker and a nonsmoker. The wrinkles and dullness of a chain smoker simply make him look older than his or her age and so do the effects of alcohol. Moreover, a yellowish tint appears on the skin of a smoker.

Tips to maintain glowing skin

• Low humidity
People living in low humidity throughout the year-overheating during winter and more use of air conditioner in summer-make their skin dull and dry. Humidity is essential to make your skin soft and smooth, so excess usage of a heater and an air conditioner is not desired for a healthy skin.

• Mental condition
You mental condition also plays a role in ensuring a good and healthy skin. People living under stress and depression often experience a dull, wrinkle-infested and rough skin. It may also be because of hormonal changes taking place in the body under stress.

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Tips for healthy skin:
There are several remedies for glowing skin, what you need only to understand and apply them carefully. If you are continuously facing the emergence of skin dullness, you would be happy to hear that it’s not very hard to avoid this problem as there are certain steps that can help you out in regaining a glowing face. Some of these steps can be counted as:

• Wear sunscreen
Protection of the skin from intense UV rays is essential. You should apply proper sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 15 and more than that. Try to avoid outdoor venture between 11 am and 4 pm in the summer. And use skin cover to avoid direct exposure to the UV rays.

Tips to maintain glowing skin

• Quit smoking
Tobacco smoking more likely burns skin and develops wrinkles. Smokers need to hydrate body more often than nonsmokers to keep their skin soft and supple. Moreover, smokers should use mild chemicals on the skin as harsh soap or chemical products can aggravate wrinkles. Use lukewarm water to wash face as it helps you keep the skin cells fresh.

• Consider Retinoids
Application of retinoids is another option to unplug pores. It’s also helpful in cleaning up acne, boosting collagen production, reducing fine lines and removing black and brown spots. One can take it to improve skin texture and treat precancerous lesions. Retinoid is one of the effective remedies for glowing skin recommended by many dermatologists. It’s also considered as a typical anti-aging solution that helps you avoid skin dryness, redness and white flakes.

• Balance diet and lifestyle
The skin texture depends a lot on your diet. It’s no secret that you have to eat healthy to look healthy. Emphasize more on berries, spinach, juicy fruits, nuts, green vegetables, milk and many other vitamins and minerals rich food items to take care of a glowing face. Moreover, make certain changes in your lifestyle. Turning towards a natural way og living is very helpful to the skin’s health. Do some physical exercise and yoga on a regular basis, and take full sleep to avoid physical and mental stress.

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