Acne, also known as zits or pimples, happen when bacteria, dead skin cells and oil clog the hair follicles on the skin. A bad breakout on the face can be frustrating and embarrassing.

You cannot always blame your hormones for the zits. There are many unconscious daily habits that might be causing you pimples and acne. Breaking these bad habits and following the right acne treatment can help you get flawless skin in no time.

Bad Habits That Can Cause Pimples

Acne causes

1. Makeup – Your sunscreen or makeup can have ingredients that are causing you pimples. While this does not mean, you have to do away with these products, keeping a watch on the ingredients can be helpful. Some items in the products that can irritate your skin include petroleum, artificial colour, artificial fragrance, lanolin, mineral oil, and isopropyl myristate.

2. Cheap skincare products – Using cheap and low-quality skin care or acne treatment solution products can ruin the skin and lead to breakouts. When it comes to skin products, it is good to go for the best acne solution products. Changing skin care products very frequently is not a good idea. You can cause damage to your skin by using too many combinations.

3. Makeup applicators – Makeup applicators can be full of bacteria if you do not wash it at least once a week. Germ-free applicators will help to keep your skin clean and clear.

4. Stress – Stress increases the hormones that cause pimples. If you are stressed out, it will show on your skin.

5. Dry skin – Removing all moisture and oil from the skin leads it to produce more oil causing more acne. Be gentle with your skin and take steps to keep it hydrated. It is best to use products specially made for acne-prone skin.

6. Pressure on the skin – Acne can also be due to the pressure on your face. For example, the pressure from too much use of mobile phone or playing an instrument such as the violin or even the pressure of the hand rested on your face as you sit. The pressure exposes your skin to the lot of bacteria which can lead to a breakout.

7. Dirty laundry – Your pillowcase, bed sheets, and towels can be infested with bacteria if it has not been washed for long. Change your linen at least once every week and use a fresh towel daily.

8. Hair – Your hair touches your face very often. It is, therefore, important to see to it that the hair care products you use do not irritate your skin. Products that contain silicones, oil and plasticizers clog the pores on the skin, so it’s best to avoid them. Also, all the dirt that gathers in your hair throughout the day is transferred to your pillow if you do not wash it before night. Another reason to wash your linen frequently.

9. Diet – Greasy foods can increase your acne due to the excess oil that gets into the skin through the food. It is best to follow a healthy diet that is free of oil for a clean skin. Eating too much spicy food can also lead to breakouts.

10. Smoking – Every time you smoke, the quantity of oxygen that gets into the skin reduces. It dries the skin leading to more oil production and pimples.

11. Tanning – Tanning has been shown to lead to more breakouts along with an increased risk of wrinkles and cancer. Use best acne solution products to avoid tanning and removal of pimples.

12. Not getting enough sleep – Getting enough sleep lowers the stress levels in the body and is an effective acne scar treatment. An energised body ensures clean skin else there can be acne and breakouts.

13. Washing your skin frequently – Although it is important to keep the skin clean, washing it too often can strip it of essential oils and make the acne worse. It is best to wash it just twice – in the morning and at night.

14. Scrubbing vigorously – Scrubbing the skin with a harsh exfoliant will worsen your acne. Be gentle on your skin. Use the best product for acne scar treatment for best results.

15. Sweaty skin – When your skin is covered with sweat, don’t let it dry on the skin. Instead wash it off promptly.

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Break the bad skin care habits and follow the right acne treatment solution to enjoy a fresh, healthy glow on your skin. Replace the bad habits with good ones and keep your acne under control.

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