Tips for Thicker Longer Eyelashes without Extensions

Every woman knows the power of beautiful eyelashes. Long and dark eyelashes rock even when you are hardly wearing any makeup. But a majority of women improve the appearance of their eyes by wearing eyelash extensions. This can be a tough habit to maintain. They are expensive, uncomfortable and take a lot of time. Eyelash Extensions are amazing but not for everyone. If you are concerned about the adhesives used in the glue to stick extensions to your natural lashes, we don’t blame you.

Many women are still addicted to their eyelash extensions; there is no other option for them. However, some want to make the most of what they naturally have. Here are a few hacks that will help you nourish your natural lashes resulting in a fuller, stunning look. Keep on reading to discover simple tips and tricks that will totally change the appearance of your lashes.

  • Find a good quality mascara- The first step to perfect eyelashes is finding a good quality mascara. Once you have got the ideal mascara, you will be getting the right trick to flaunt gorgeous lashes. There are different types of mascara formulation and knowing the difference is essential to find your new beauty partner.
  • Lengthening mascara- This is specially made for short yet thick eyelashes. The lengthening mascaras give the illusion of long lashes. Lengthening mascaras also have different brushes; they are usually long and straight with a pointed tip that ensures that the formula is evenly distributed from the root to the end.
  • Voluminising mascara- These mascaras are made for women with thin or sparse eyelashes. The type of mascara gives your eyelashes a fuller appearance. Make sure you choose the voluminising mascara with a rectangle or bubble brush. A voluminising mascara with bubble brush can work wonders for adding volume to thin and sparse eyelashes.
  • Use makeup remover- putting mascara can be very easy but taking it off is a bit tricky for many ladies. Mascara can be stubborn, and for many, it is the most difficult part of the evening routine. A gentle yet effective makeup remover not only makes your job easy and prevents you from waking up with panda eyes, but also keep your lashes healthy even if you apply several coats of mascara every day. Pick the one which focuses on removing makeup rather than a multipurpose preparation.

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  • Try an eyelash enhancer serum- Lash serum is the best way to promote lash growth. Careprost eyelash serum is one such miraculous product that is behind some unbelievable eyelash transformations. All you have to do is stick to it for a few weeks to achieve the desired length and thickness of your natural eyelashes. The product includes Bimatoprost, a prostaglandin analogue that increases the number of lashes and their thickness. Apply right on the upper lash line regularly with the help of an applicator or a thin eyeliner brush. To encourage healthy growth of eyelashes. Get authentic Careprost online at a quite lowest price.
  • Prime your lashes– Priming is another important step when it comes to maintaining fuller eyelashes. A high-quality eyelash primer help your lashes stay protected when you are coating them with mascara. Primers create a protective layer that also enhances the length and fullness of eyelashes on wearing mascara. You just need to comb your lashes then apply your favourite primer a few minutes before applying mascara. Make sure the primer is dry before applying the mascara.

Adding these tricks to your lash maintenance routine can help you achieve beautiful and gorgeous lashes.

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