Having a dry skin is not a matter of grave concern, but the important thing is how you look after it. You are supposed to put extra effort in the skin care for dry skin so that its natural beauty is maintained for a long time.

Different people have different skin colors, tones, textures and resistant capacities tolerate the seasonal or environmental challenges. We apply some kinds of gel, oil or fairness cream to keep it soft and shining, but the people with dry skin find it a bit hard to preserve its natural softness. They apply various dry skin remedies as per the demand of seasons. The use of skin moisturizers, natural as well as cosmetic beauty products offers a good solution to a good extent. You should also look for some effective dry skin treatments that can take care of your skin without damaging its natural sensitivity.

dry skin

Identify dry skin:

The texture of our layers of the skin reflects its true nature. A dry skin absorbs more oil or moisturizer to keep it soft. The dermatologists correlate dry skin with the presence of skin dullness, flakiness and coarse texture. Especially in the winter season, you can witness more development of cracks and white scratches due to lack of proper skin care for dry skin.

Causes of dry skin:

Though dry or soft skin is more often related to the natural layer of the texture, but there are some external and internal factors can give your skin a rough look.

The environmental condition plays a crucial role in defining skin texture, as low humidity and coldness in the winter season absorb the natural oil of the skin while hot condition affects its natural balance. There are some medical conditions responsible for the rough skin, such as:

•  Hormonal condition
With the changes in hormonal condition, your body shows its effects in several ways and roughening of skin are one of them. Most often when you go through the transitional phase of your age, the changes in skin texture happen naturally. Only one particular skin care routine for dry skin does not prove to be very effective enough as the flakes on the scalp keep emerging. Hormonal changes, especially after menopause make you feel more irritated due to rough look.

•  Keratosis Pilaris
Keratosis Pilaris is a very common skin condition in children and adolescents that cause rough and a bit bumpy skin at certain body parts like thighs and under arms. Usually, it disappears with the growing age.

•  Atopic dermatitis
It’s a very common form of eczema that encourages rough patches on the skin. If you scratch it repeatedly, then your skin may become swollen and surface the dry cracks.

•  Diabetes
Diabetic people witness drier and itchy skin due to lack of proper amount of blood flow. Similar conditions with the people living with kidney disease. Their skin looks rougher and more development of wrinkles is witnessed than the healthy people.

•  Thyroid problem
The bumpy and dry skin could be a symptom of hypothyroidism. When the production capacity of the thyroid gland is disturbed, it’s unable to produce enough thyroid hormone that further leads to patchy skin. It requires dry skin remedies, apart from thyroid medications.

Skincare for dry skin

Dry skin treatment:

There are several methods and skin care routines for dry skin that promise better results. Only you have to make a few adjustments in your lifestyle to find a smooth and supple skin.

•  Use a suitable moisturizer
The selection of a suitable beauty cream or moisturizer is very important skin care for dry skin. Some of the ingredients like Ceramides, Hyaluronic acid, Dimethicome, Lanomin, petroleum jelly, and glycerin are important to take care of dry skin. So check such elements in your moisturizer before purchasing.

•  Sunscreen
There are a number of sunscreen lotions and gels that provide you good protection from the cancerous UV rays. Pick a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more that will give you a better dry skin treatment.

•  Avoid hot shower
The hot water bath is not good for the dry skin as it removes skin oil faster than normal or lukewarm water. And try to use chemical-free soap or mild soap cleaners that do not irritate your skin.

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Lifestyle tips for dry skin care:

You have to make some adjustments related to your daily lives. These skin care routines for dry skin are essential for the betterment of your body. Some of these lifestyle changes include:

•  Use cotton cloths
•  Keep high humidity in-door
•  Eat more foods rich-in omega-3, fatty acids, walnuts, beans, and green vegetables
•  Drink plenty of water

Natural dry skin remedies:

There are some powerful and effective natural or home available items that can soften the dry skin. You can take the help of a beautician or apply these things on your own. Some of these natural products include:

•  Olive Oil
•  Milk Cream
•  Honey
•  Yogurt
•  Coconut oil
•  Aloe Vera gel
•  Avocado
•  Oatmeal powder

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Whether you have a dry skin or oily skin, both require good care to maintain their softness. Since dry skin gets irritated easily, or is more sensitive to the external factors, you have to take appropriate dry skin treatment. There are many over-the-counter products offering the best skin care for dry skin, you can try them but be careful about the side effects. On the other hand, natural dry skin remedies are more reliable and effective. Include them in your daily routine.

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