Whether you go for a daily-use spectacle, bifocal, single vision (distance/near power) or just zero power, the selection of right eye lenses is very important for the health of your eyes and vision.

Such is the importance of contact lenses that they sometimes become your second eye, without which you are blind or have severe eye problems. Ask this question to those who regularly wear high-power lenses, how their vision problems are resolved? At the same time, the wrong selection of lens can hamper the eye vision. There is a range of contact lenses from extended contacts, regular anti-glare, Photochromatic and high power to UV protection eye care glasses. But it’s necessary to consider the expert advice before purchasing any of them.

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There are some common options of contact lenses that you can choose. All the contact lenses are divided into two categories such as soft and hard lenses.

Soft lenses: Generally, people pick soft lenses as they are more comfortable to wear them. But, the soft lenses attract more dust particles and pollutants that can irritate your eyes. Such lenses are easily torn; even a soft stroke can break them.

Hard lenses: Hard lenses are known to provide better eye care solution to certain eye problems. Such lenses are more durable and hard to break, though not as comfortable to wear as soft lenses.

There are several categories of hard and soft lenses, and both are capable to become your right eye lenses by providing the accomplished vision that you look for.

Steps to select perfect contact lenses:

If you are not sure what kind of contact lens you should purchase, then you should ask some questions to clarify the doubts. These questions will step-by-step help you out in decision-making and finally you will be able to find an appropriate lens that provides you the best eye care solution. The questions are:

  • How much time you are willing to wear contact lens?
  • Are you choosy about contact lens or any brand is comfortable?
  • How caring are you for the contact lens or any other paraphernalia?
  • Are you looking for a stylish spectacle or any frame is acceptable?
  • Can you allow changing in your eye color?
  • Are you looking for bifocals or reading glasses?
  • Do you consider the cost of contact lens?
  • Do you have any eye problems?

Here are some common types of contact lenses available for the seekers. Every contact lens has its own importance that you have to consider while choosing any of them.

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Daily wear generic contact lenses:

Generally, daily wear contact lens has zero power and it’s worn just for the eye care from the computer screen and external pollutants. It’s a bit expensive affair as you have to replace your anti-glare lenses with a new pair after certain intervals that could be some weeks or months. Doctor’s advice is not so necessary to consider while purchasing daily wear lenses as they are very general to wear.

Extended wear contact lenses:

The extended wear contact lenses are supposed to be worn all the time, even when you are sleeping. That’s why many eye experts don’t encourage or recommend extended wear as your eyes will not get enough amount of oxygen during the night that might pose eye problems like corneal infection. Such lenses require regular cleaning and disinfection for the safety of your eyes.

Multi-focal contact lenses:

Probably, people in their 40s realize the need of a reading lens as their eyes start witnessing the problem to focus. In this regard, Multifocal contact lenses are the best option for vision correction and rectification of the vision problems. The mono-vision technique is used to know the vision capacity in the dominant eye and non-dominant eye. Such Multifocal lenses prove to be right eye lenses in clearing blurriness and distraction so that you can sight well.

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Disposable contact lenses:

As the name suggests disposable lenses are like use and crush items, so it costs nothing to maintain or disinfection process, but you have to pay for a pair every day. These disposable lenses are more like everyday wear, and they provide good protection from allergy and infection.

Toric contact lenses:

Toric lenses come with various optical power and focal length in which one lens is in the shape of cap while other one remains in spherical design, and both the orientations are designed as perpendicular to each other. Usually, Toric lenses are used as eyeglasses to correct vision problems like astigmatism. Such intra-ocular lenses are a bit expensive as compared to other contact lenses. Please take the advice of doctor before purchasing the Toric lenses.

Colored contact lenses:

If you want to change the look of your eyes along with treating the eye problems, then colored contact is a right eye lens to take up. This lens dramatically changes your eye color; for example, from black to blue, bright or green. Generally, people use them for cosmetic purposes as they don’t affect the eye vision.

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The market it filled with a range of contact lenses that you can pick as per your requirements. Since it’s a matter of your eyes, any reckless selection or wearing any lens without proper research would not be a good approach. Consult your ophthalmologist who can guide you in choosing right eye lenses best for your eyes. So, be smart and choose the best!

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