You might be snacking on a lot of foods as part of your everyday diet considering them to be healthy but the truth about them is just the opposite. Get to know what to include in your healthy diet plan and what to discard.
It’s very common to come across dozens of foods tagged with a label of “healthy” while you walk down any aisle in the grocery store. However, many of these claimed to be “healthy” foods which you might mistake to be good for yourself might not make upto the healthy diet guide by nutritionists. Check out the description below to see the foods you think are healthier than they really are:

Heart healthy foods for balanced growth

1. Enhanced water:
Enhanced or flavoured water with a little artificial fruity flavour might seem like an exciting way to increase water intake, but flavoured water, like Vitamin Water, can be crammed with sugar. Pass over the non-naturally sweetened water and have actual fruits.

2. Granola and granola bars:
As granola is made from whole grains, thinking that it’s healthy is justified however, think again. Granola and granola bars both are loaded with a ton of sugar and are calorically dense.

3. Protein bars:
Protein bars don’t fall far from granola bar. They are often extremely high in calories and sugar and that’s definitely not what your body needs after a dire workout. You may instead pick a healthier high-protein snack.

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4. Vitamins and supplements:
It’s been revealed in multiple studies that taking vitamins in the form of pills may not have any positive effect on health in the long run. Moreover, people usually acquire all the vitamins their body needs from their meals, and replacing whole foods with pills may mean knocking off the advantages from other compounds found in the natural sources.

5. Light beer:
It’s important to bring this to your notice that light-beer doesn’t necessarily mean less calories. Instead, many simply have lower alcohol content. And for those interested in getting a buzz on, the calorie difference may be negated by the need to drink more. Sip a healthier beer instead, and split up the six-pack between friends.

6. Low-fat foods:
Think twice before skipping the fat-filled salmon. While cutting some fat could promote weight loss, you may miss out on some immense benefits from healthy omega-3 fats which include boosting up your brainpower and lowering your risk of heart disease.

7. Skipping meals:
The most foolish mistake one could do is to skip meals. Skipping meals may seem to be beneficial initially but it wouldn’t save you in the long haul. Skipping a meal may cause you to overeat later on, so give yourself a healthier lunchtime treat instead.

8. Bottled water:
Some bottled water may get contaminated by chemicals or bacterial growth when filled in plastic containers. So, get a water filter and decontaminate tap water instead.

9. Passing on dessert:
Don’t rebuff your favorite dessert. If you get a really strong craving for having that double chocolate brownie, then enjoy a few generous bites without having any second thought.

10. Diet soda:
Too much of these zero-cal beverages could do as much damage as the sugary stuff, potentially causing you to gain weight and an irresistible sweet tooth. The only solution is to skip the soda entirely and pick a healthier drink.

11. Juice diets:
Many of you could use a few more fruits and veggies, but you don’t need to have spinach-apple juice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Juice diets may miss out vital nutrients and adequate amount of calories to keep you stay strong throughout the day.

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12. Microwave diet meals:
Try making your own meals, without the box and frozen plastic tray. Many frozen meals are packed with sodium, while lacking veggies and enough calories. And if you run short of time, make a large batch of your favorite meal over the weekend and freeze individual portions to eat throughout the week.

Healthy choices aren’t always as healthy as you think. Here is a compilation of foods which people generally consider to be healthy, but as it turns out, they’re not. So, quickly make changes to your regular diet to make it a healthy food diet.

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