Physical rehab is a traditional treatment required for people suffering from permanent disabilities, those who have undergone major injuries, those who are recovering from surgery and those who are suffering from chronic diseases like severe lower back pain, arthritis, etc.

This program results in individuals returning back to their preferred level of operating and promote activities and lifestyle changes that hold off further injuries and leads to improvement in overall health and fitness. Primary care doctors adopt a conservative approach for managing problems and usually introduce patients to physical rehab at the initial symptom of a problem.

Why Physical Rehab is so important and why you should not brush this off?

Illness treated

People with orthopedic disorders, i.e., injuries or trauma to a bone like fractures and soft tissue trauma often have limited mobility because of pain, weakness, and limited range of motion. Medical experts offer advanced physical therapies to help patients regain their strength and mobility.

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Various types of rehab available today can help treat mild and chronic aches. It promotes natural healing, restores function, movement, and relieves pain.

Benefits of Rehab

Under the supervision of an expert in physical rehabilitation, it is possible to have the following benefits:

  1. Reduce or eliminate pain-Therapies and exercises like joint and soft tissue mobilization or treatments including ultrasound, taping, etc. help to diminish the pain and restore muscle and joint function to curtail pain. Therapies like these also prevent you from the same pain to return back.
  2. Reduce the need for surgery-There is no need for surgery if a physical therapy helps you to cut down the pain or heal from an injury. And even if it is necessary, you should opt for pre-surgery physical therapy before undergoing surgery. This will make you retrieve faster. Also, it will help you by reducing the health care cost involved in surgery. However, if pre-surgery therapies are not taken, then rehab right after your operation will help you restore your fitness.
  3. Improve mobility-If there is any issue while standing, walking or moving, physical rehab will be assistive irrespective of age. Stretching and strengthening are the exercises that will improve your movements. Physical therapists offer a cane, crutches or other assistive devices by modifying to improve the quality of their life. To achieve maximum results, all the activities that are essential for an individual’s life should be followed.
  4. Recovery from a stroke- Losing a bit of functionality and movement after a stroke is nothing different, but rehab results in strengthening and stabilizing weak parts of the body. Most importantly, the ability to move around in bed can be resumed with the assistance and guidance of physical therapists as it will make the patient more independent at least around their home and relieves their burden of care for daily necessities like using toilets, washrooms, etc.
  5. Recover from or prevent a sports injury- Physical therapists knows the level of increased injury risk connected with different kind of sports. Experts in rehabilitation center can suggest best-suited recovery or prevention exercise programs for you so that you can return back safely to your sport.
  6. Improve your balance and prevent fallsWhen you initiate with the rehab, you will be observed for fall risk. In case there is a high risk of falling, you will be suggested some exercises that safely test your balance in a way to mimic real-life situations. You are even guided by them during exercise sessions to regulate coordination and assistive devices so that you are able to walk safely.
  7. Manage diabetes and vascular conditions-Exercises are included in the diabetes management plan, as it controls blood sugar level.  Moreover, diabetic people also face issues like sensation in their feet and legs. Therapists make these patients aware of proper foot care to prevent further issues.
  8. Manage age-related issuesWith age, people usually see problems like arthritis or osteoporosis or need a joint replacement. Therapists are best in guiding patients for recovering from joint replacement and stabilizing circumstances related to arthritis or osteoporosis.
  9. Manage Women’s Health and other conditions- There are particular health issues that are faced by women, like during pregnancy and post-partum care. Therapists provide specialized management of issues regarding their health. In fact, they suggest specialized treatment for health problems like breast cancer, constipation, male pelvic health, etc.

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Physical therapy relieves people of all ages dealing with medical issues, illnesses, injuries that are a hurdle to their natural strength to move and function so that they can move freely and live happily.

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