New Smart Inhalers to Get Rid of Asthma Attacks

Scientists are working on smart inhalers; some are available in the pharma stores and may soon be in widespread use all over the world. These smart medications could make life easier for people who suffer from asthma attacks.

According to a recent research, smart inhalers have the potential to transform care for asthmatic people.

Asthma is a chronic lung disorder that is incurable and can cause fatal attacks. If you have asthma, then while breathing your airway might overreact and tighten. It can make your airways swelled up and filled with mucous, which causes you to cough or wheeze.

New Smart Inhalers to Get Rid of Asthma Attacks

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People suffering from asthma use a small pump or inhaler to prevent fatal attacks. They take corticosteroids (class of asthma medications), sometimes along with other asthma medication, to fight the problem that is responsible for making the airways overreact and tighten. A daily inhaler is a safer option than a corticosteroid pill as it delivers the medicine directly into the patient’s lungs. Corticosteroids are more likely to affect the body and may have significant adverse effects. Inhalers can also be difficult to use. The rescue inhalers should not be used more than two times per year. Some people use these inhalers for a good asthma care while others forget to even carry them.

Smart inhalers are specially formulated to help ensure patients are taking their asthma medications as prescribed. You can record dosage and timings on your mobile phones. The collected data can be used by your health care specialists and through this he/she can check whether your treatment is working or not. This helps your health care specialist to focus on root causes of worsening symptoms as well as to inform early when to take medical attention. It is a very effective option in asthma management.

According to a recent study, about 70% of the people don’t use the inhaler correctly. There is one standard design that is available in the market which you need to press down to release medication via a spray. Then breathe the medication slowly and deeply for about 4 to 5 seconds. A majority of people breathe in too quickly that the medication does not reach into the lungs or airways. It tends to remain in the mouth or the back of the throat. It happens with both rescue and daily inhalers.

A rescue inhaler is considered to be more effective asthma treatment and has already helped thousands of people with asthma. It provides relief via powder, the powder is ready whenever you take a breath.

In fact, the pharmaceutical industry is also getting ready to introduce smart inhalers that come with electronic chips. They might have attached sensors that would inform you about the polluted air and alert you to triggers.

Others might introduce with a technology, which helps remind you of taking the asthma medicine.

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All these asthma treatments could be important if you suffer from severe asthma and can afford a more expensive treatment for asthmaa cure.

Various researches are still going on. Until then, people suffering from asthma can try other new options to prevent asthma attacks.

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