To keep the blood sugar under control, it is important to check and track the blood sugar levels regularly. Keep your glucose levels in a healthy range and prevent future problems by using Januvia 100 mg tablet. 

The outbreak of coronavirus disease or COVID 19 has forced millions of people to stay isolated and quarantined. At this time, during 2020, the pandemic has created a lot of queries about both physical and mental concerns. To avoid you with useful information during the time of the pandemic, here are a few tips and suggestion that might be useful.

If you are suffering from diabetes mellitus, you are more prone to get the coronavirus disease that normal people. However, respiratory illness can bring more severe symptoms and associated complications in some people abnormal blood sugar level. It is necessary to follow all the guidelines given by your local authorities, wash your hands, wear the mask, and avoid contact with other people. 

Keeping a track of your blood sugar levels can be a challenging task. But having proper records can help you make better choices about diabetes management. Keeping a close eye on blood sugar levels has many health benefits. Testing your blood glucose before and after meals helps to how your favorite dishes affects those levels. Regular exercise can also make a huge difference in blood sugar levels. So, test them regularly when you are active. This helps you and your doctor identify whether diabetes medications should be adjusted as you follow your exercise regimen. At the time of flu or during this pandemic, being sick can mess up how much diabetes drug your body requires, so it is important to know about your blood sugar levels. Your records will help you decide whether you need to take diabetes medication, depending on the diabetes management plan provided by your health care specialist. Checking your blood glucose levels help you manage your diabetes.

When to check Blood Sugar levels?

Frequency of testing blood glucose levels depend on a lot of things, including the condition of the patient. Generally, most people test their blood sugar levels before every meal and again at bedtime. But if you are sick, it is important to determine your blood glucose levels and adjust your doses as per the condition. You may also need to get your diabetes check-up done if you notice a sudden increase in your physical activity or you have joined a sport. Those individuals who use insulin injections or insulin pump as a part of a diabetes management plan. Your doctor will help you decide how often and when you should check your blood sugar.

Some people may experience episodes of hypoglycaemia in the middle of the night, which requires immediate testing. Also, those who are just diagnosed with the condition may need a frequent check-up to know how diabetes medications, insulin, or diet plan affect their blood sugar levels. To get the blood sample you need a needle to poke the skin; it is usually done in the ginger tip or on your forearm to get one drop of the blood.

How to check your Blood Glucose levels?

If you have diabetes, self-testing your blood sugar is crucial in managing your diabetes and preventing associated complications. You can check your blood glucose level at home with a portable electronic device that measures the amount of glucose in the blood sample and appears on the screen of the device. The blood drop should be placed in the strip that is inserted in the glucose meter, and you will find blood sugar readings in a few seconds. If you have any doubt regarding the use of glucose meter, please discuss with your doctor.

Even though the testing tool can help you track your blood sugar levels at regular intervals. It is a geta option to maintain a diabetes management diary where you can note the results.  This makes it easy from you and your doctor to see the patterns of blood sugar levels. 


Keeping a record of your blood sugar readings is crucial for diabetes management. You can get it to check at home with the help of blood glucose meter. You can write the reading in a notebook; this will help your doctor spot any complication and make dose adjusted accordingly. Try Januvia 100 mg tablet to control blood sugar levels.

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