The best way to remove extensions is to use a professional grade glue remover. If you want to take a break from extensions altogether, try using a careprost eyelash serum to grow longer, thicker naturally, and darker lashes.

During the treatment, artificial lashes are secured with a strong adhesive which won’t get affected by soap and water. They won’t come out easily, and you need to reduce the adhesiveness of the glue to remove the extensions without damaging your natural eyelashes. Fortunately, a glue remover can help remove your lashes at home. If you wish to get rid of this mess, you can use careprost for eyelash growth, which lifts the lashes without causing damage to your natural lashes. If your lash extensions are starting to tangle and fall off, and with busy schedules and your growing list of responsibilities prevent you from getting your lashes touched up, you can remove them with steam and oil. However, it is always a wise decision to get your lashes removed by a professional technician. 

  • Don’t pull at your lash extensions – This is the first and most important thing that you can do to maintain your natural lash health. In the rush of wanting to get your extension off, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before trying the trick yourself at home, which could backfire. Ultimately, one should try to keep the lashes as healthy as possible, so it is important to get aware of things you should not do before you try the trick at home. Expert and professional technicians reiterate the importance of keeping your hands away from your lashes for optimum results. You should never pick off your lash extensions as this can damage your natural lashes and make your extensions to shed off with your natural lash cycle eventually. So fight the urges to pick extensions off as this can have a long term effect on your natural lash growth.
  • Buy a good quality extension glue dissolver – A professional-grade eyelash extension glue is applied to your lash line which does the entire trick. Since the glue is very strong, regular eyelash remover may not be able to reduce the adhesiveness, so it is essential to buy an expert formula that can easily remove the rest of your lashes without harming your real ones. You may easily get a good quality professional grade glue remover at a drugstore, or in a cosmetic shop. You can also order it online from a reliable source. Moreover, whenever, you get your extensions done, ask the professional technician which solvent they use and try to purchase it from them only.
  • A hot shower may loosen your extensions – Remember not to pluck your lash extensions even if you are taking a shower. This can damage your natural lashes as well as affect your eye health. Plucking or picking off extensions may increase the risk of breakage of your existing tiny, delicate strands. Also, touching eyelashes frequently increases the risk of quickly spreading bacteria to your lash line and sometimes in your eyes. Instead, try to speed up the process by taking a hot shower. This can help loosen your stranglers that are almost hanging on your natural lashes.
  • Use an oil-based cleanser – Most lash artists advise you not to use an oil-based cleanser especially just after getting fresh sets of lovely extensions as this can loosen the glue and cause your extensions to fall off sooner. However, if you don’t want to struggle anymore with the rest of those few stragglers that are still hanging on, you can friend with a good quality oil cleanser. While cleansing rubs the solution gently in a circular motion to start to dissolve the glue. You need to be regular with the process for a few nights to loosen your extensions.

While removing eyelash extensions at home, it is imperative to keep your eyelashes healthy. A once daunting task can become easier if you put these helpful tips into practice. Buy Careprost for eyelash growth to get rid of extension mess.

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