Your lifestyle factors such as eating, drinking, sleeping habits; hygiene and exercise habits have a direct impact on your skin. In particular, the food you eat and the nutrition that your body receives from your diet reflects on your skin. You may add superfood in your daily routine to make your skin healthy. You just need some easily accessible ingredients and a juicer or food processor to get the best out of food.

What to eat for glowing skin?

Products for skincare are available in the market, and with the help of special cosmetics, glowing skin can be achieved easily. However, the use of beauty products doesn’t work for all due to different skin types. Therefore, it is important to change your diet and use chemical-free products that have a positive effect on the skin.

Food for Glowing Skin

  • Beet: It is rich in antioxidants, protects the skin from premature aging, neutralizing free radicals. Plus, it helps in detoxification and helps cleanse the blood and gives radiance to your skin.
  • Carrot: High levels of vitamin A and other antioxidants in carrots make your skin healthy, vibrant and radiant. It even protects your skin from damage caused by harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun.
  • Cucumber: This water-rich fruit keeps your skin hydrated. In addition, silicon in cucumbers helps rejuvenate the skin and helps maintain elasticity.
  • An Apple: Being a rich source of vitamins A, B and C, as well as beta-carotene and antioxidants, apples help to keep your skin healthy and young-looking.
  • Garnet: Vitamin C in pomegranates contributes to the formation of collagen, which helps delay sagging and wrinkling of the skin.
  • Orange and lemon: The oranges and lemons help to counter the signs of aging and stop skin damage caused by exposure to the sun and environmental pollution. They even help with detoxification, which is important for clean and beautiful skin.
  • Ginger: They have abundant of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Ginger helps to maintain smooth and good looking skin. It even helps in weight loss.
  • Watermelon: This summer favourite has almost 92 per cent water content, which helps keep your body hydrated. In addition, the lycopene contained in it neutralizes free radicals and protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

Vitamins and Minerals for Skin

  • Vitamin C helps activate and increase collagen production, as well as strengthen the capillaries through which skin nourishes. The diet must include citruses, strawberries, black currants, potatoes and broccoli.
  • Omega-3 and omega-6 fats are found in marine fish, and certain types of seafood and are also present in linseed oil. They are necessary to maintain the elasticity of the dermis and prevent its premature aging.
  • Sulfur which is found in onions and garlic, also helps to maintain youthfulness and beauty of the face. Therefore, despite the unpleasant aroma, these products are recommended on the food menu.
  • Zinc helps restore damaged skin while keeping it moisturized and soft. Oysters, pumpkin seeds and beef liver – this is where it is worth looking for this useful trace element.
  • Iron is responsible for improving complexion. Its best source for the dermis is dried apricots and sesame seeds. And since the products are quite high in calories, they should be consumed in the morning, for example, as an additive to porridge or yogurt.
  • Vitamin B2 is the most beneficial of the entire group. It gives the skin a light glow without the use of cosmetics. Therefore, beef, eggs, dairy products and cheeses should become practically the basis of the diet.
  • Vitamin A is actively involved in cell regeneration. Fatty fish, natural milk without additives and dietary liver are the key to beauty and skin health.

It is not necessary to use cosmetic to fight acne; one can tackle acne by changing food habits. Selenium-rich foods, such as wholemeal flour, walnuts, and sunflower seeds, help improve the skin’s condition from the inside, cleansing it of unpleasant black spots and redness in the form of pimples from outside. You can consult a certified dietician to get food chart which will include proper diet to get acne-free skin. Fresh juices cleanse your colon and help you to have a glowing and spotless face.

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