When it comes to eating a healthy diet for men, many wonder about the right selection of healthy diet plan. The overall composition of foods required for men’s healthy diet is a bit different from women’s, but nutritional value remains same.

Different people prefer different diet plans to maintain good health. This difference is seen in men and women too, because they have their own sets of dietary requirements as per the physical structure, but both have to be conscious about what and how much they consume. It’s also important to understand about the best times to take protein, carbohydrate, vitamin and mineral-rich fruits and fat, etc. that can help you uplift health and fitness levels.

Healthy diet plan for men

Healthy diet plans for men:

Since a man has different nutritional requirements than a woman, their diet plans should also reflect the difference. A very common term ‘balanced diet’ is used for both the sexes. The simple rules of men’s health diet include a five-times-a-day meal, of which three servings include a variety of whole-grains and other two demand low-fat dietary foods. If you further decipher these servings then you will find a number of food items that are included to draw the picture of a healthy dietary plan that offers ideal nutritional values.

Daily diet plan essentials:

The right ingredients in right amount make an ideal and healthy diet plan that men can regularly take. Here are the basic food choices that include:

A combination of grain breads, cereals and vegetables
Whole grains are essential for health as the added fiber helps to control blood cholesterol while satiating your appetite. The intake of unrefined whole-grain breads and cereals are healthier than refined white flour. Green as well as starchy vegetables including peas, potatoes, broccoli, and dried beans make a perfect meal. Those who want to keep it low fat then emphasize more on veggies. Moreover, vegetables are always high in vitamins, fiber, and minerals but low in calories. So, men should prefer a variety of vegetables of all seasons and colors that meet the basic requirements of the body. And five or more servings should represent the men’s health diet.\

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Low fat dairy items

Milk is the most important product that serves your body. Rich in a number of vitamins, milk is highly recommended to all age groups at regular basis. If possible, take low fat milk and other dairy products like yogurt and cheese to maintain good health and fitness level.

Meat products

Two to three servings of meat products including mutton, chicken, or fish are enough to maintain good health. Avoid excess of poultry products and fried or breaded meat that can be too fatty.

Sweets and sodium

A bit increment in sugary products and refined carbohydrates such as desserts, pastries, ice-cream, and sweetened cereals can imbalance healthy diet foods. Such products are high in calories, but they add very little nutritional value to your meal. Similarly, sodium or salt has to be taken in limited amount, and try to avoid packaged foods that have an excess of salt. Overall, the ideal amount of sweet and salt is required to make healthy diet plans for both the sexes.

Specific foods for men’s health:

Dieticians recommend several foods that are not only healthy, but also are capable to fulfill dietary requirements of men. Some of these food products can be listed as:

Whole grains

The ideal levels of minerals, vitamins, and fiber available in the whole grains make them an essential ingredient of the healthy diet. The most preferred whole grains like oats and brown rice have a good amount of B vitamins, folate and biotin, essential for the development of men’s health.


Broccoli, cabbage and sprouts have strong anti-cancer elements called sulphoraphane. It mitigates men’s risk of developing colorectal cancer, prostate cancer and bladder cancer, skin cancer as well as prostate cancer. So men must add broccoli to their regular diet.


Tomato is another super food that contains high health benefits. Its most important element lycopene has capacity to provide internal strength for fighting some common ailments. Tomatoes can also reduce the risk of some probable cancers that men might develop in the later age.

Berries and pomegranate

Men must take a variety of berries to keep their health sprucing. Especially, blueberries are highly recommended for men’s health diet to reduce the risks of some common cancers and type-2 diabetes. They are also effective in lowering anti-aging effects besides maintaining a good health and fitness level in both the sexes. Similarly, pomegranate has capacity to control cholesterol levels. Its minerals, antioxidant elements and vitamins prove to be effective in fighting prostate cancer and other body toxins.


Seeds are packed with powerful nutritional punch. Chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds have plenty of nutritional value comprising B vitamins, zinc, iron, protein, magnesium, calcium and others recommended for the healthy diet plan for men.

Other food items like oysters, garlic, salmon, eggs and meat are also necessary for men’s health.

It’s very important to eat well in order to live well. And the selection of healthy diet foods gives an edge to men for body growth. Maybe different dieticians differ a bit on some food items, but overall they all emphasize on nutritional value that makes men’s health diet. If you stick to a healthy diet, you don’t need to rely on any medicine or drug for the development of body and mind.

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