HCG Diet Safety Highlighted

HCG diet is one of the most popular and effective diet plans available today. Many people who wish to follow the diet often question what is HCG diet and is it safe? HCG is the short form of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone produced during pregnancy. Zyhcg – 5000IU is one of the most popular HCG drugs used to treat infertility issues in women.

The HCG diet involves the use of injections of HCG daily and following a low-calorie diet.

HCG diet came into limelight in the 1950’s when a health care expert noticed obese patients able to shed fat when provided with small does of HCG. These obese people were also following a low-calorie diet. HCG is the most frequently prescribed weight loss drugs available in the market.

Does the HCG diet work?

Many people across the world claim to shed pounds following the HCG diet. Sometimes people claim they lose drastic amounts of weight for instance 30 pounds in 30 days. This shows there is the reason people lose weight on the HCG diet.

The HCG diet suggests consumption of 500 to 800 calories per day which is the very low amount of calories. According to the HCG diet, most of the calories come from lean proteins and vegetables. Anyone who eats this much calories per day will lose weight. There is nothing to do with getting HCG drops or injections.

The dieters who followed HCG diet claims that getting HCG shots or drops will suppress appetite so that you don’t wish to eat more. They also believed that HCG directly targets the fat areas. However, there are no evidence found that suggests the HCG when taken to shed pounds actually works.

It is believed that people lose weight because the diet suggests extremely low calories. After stop following the HCG diet, the weight will return.

Is HCG diet safe or not?

One of the most asked questions about HCG diet is whether it is safe or not for weight loss. It is believed that the HCG diet is safe as long as you haven’t conceived or have a pre-existing health condition. Safety should always be on your list of priorities and always consult a healthcare specialist before opting for the HCG diet. When you decide to follow the HCG diet, make sure to practice the basics of hygiene associated with HCG products. You must know how to handle syringes and how to dispose of them when you are done using it. You should know that the syringe should be kept in a puncture-resistant container far away from the reach of pets and children.

HCG comes in the form of prefilled syringes available for you to ready to inject or in powdered formula along with sterile saline water to mix and filled into the syringe. According to health experts, HCG diet is helpful in the appetite suppression, which allows the dieter to stick to the low-calorie diet without the hunger attacks that generally come with a low-calorie diet. It helps in natural weight loss without leaving saggy skin and other possible health complications that could come with surgery or other weight loss techniques.

HCG is useful in protecting muscle from being fat. It means dieters experience more of a pure fat loss. It causes a decrease in your waist size and lose your clothes. It is the best way to lose weight along with maintaining healthy muscles. Following the HCG diet will help you become leaner so that you can fit into your small-sized clothes. It helps you lose weight without losing muscle. Following the HCG diet regularly means getting stronger muscles which allow for a stronger metabolism and help you maintain their weight loss after the completion of HCG diet.

It is a far much better option than expensive pills and supplements. The HCG Diet will greatly improve the body’s natural metabolic levels, which are needed to lose weight.


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