The liver is an important organ of our body, and many physicians admit that people who know how to take care of their liver are also well aware of taking care of various other organs of their body. The liver plays a dual role in our body, like detoxification of the things in our body by constantly filtering all the bad things out of the body and sideways it also acts as a digestive organ.Because liver plays such two important roles, it becomes necessary to pay proper attention to liver care.

Few liver health tips that helps to know that your liver is in trouble:

  1. Abdominal bloating
  2. Problems of skin such as acne, eczema, dark spots on the skin
  3. Too much of belly fat or commonly known as beer belly
  4. Troubled digestion of fatty foods
  5. Issues with gallbladder performance
  6.  Acid reflux/heartburn and other digestion problems,
  7. Inflammation of the body
  8. Too much of sweating/heat production in the body
  9. Trouble with putting on weight and  losing it
  10. Mood imbalances such as anger and depression, etc.
How to clean and improve functionality of liver in simple steps

Factors that may cause liver issues:

There are many factors that may play vital role in disturbing the liver performance, such as:

  • Too much of alcohol consumption
  • Use or inhalation of chemical and pesticides, harmful for health
  • Dependence on processed and refined food items
  • Drugs
  • Contaminated water
  • Several food preservatives
  • Heavy electromagnetic radiations, etc.

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 Improving liver health:

To improve the health of liver it becomes necessary to keep it away from too much of burden that can come in the form of bad lifestyle choices, etc. Here are some of the important steps that can help you to bring the health of your liver back and maintain its health as well.

  • Consume green veggies and fruits: these are the healthiest liver health foods, such as kale, broccoli, and brussel sprouts, etc. Include parsley, cilantro to reap their health benefits, not only for the liver but for other things too. Fruit such as avocado is great for the detoxification process of the body. These greens are rich in chlorophyll and hence are helpful for the cleansing of the blood.
  • Avoid inflammatory food items such as junk food that is processed and refined foods. Also reduce the intake of toxic and inflammatory items such as alcohol, drugs, and medicines. The junk food takes a troll on the health of liver as they are rich in sugar, vegetable oil, canola oil, refined flour and trans fats. Minimize the intake of such things and make your liver to work less in the advance. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in place.
  • Increase physical activity to improve liver health. People with diabetes and other health issues should try to increase their physical activeness by going for a walk, doing yoga and going for a daily bike ride. These activities are good for the health of the liver and keep it in the pink of health.
  • Drink warm lemon water or green tea: they both contain powerful compounds that are good antioxidants and help to fight the free radicals in the body. These items keep the liver free from inflammation and also reduce the chances of stress on our digestive organs.
  • High antioxidant fruits such as berries and melons are good to balance the electrolyte content of the body.

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There are several liver health supplements available in the market for the detoxification of the hazardous chemicals inside the body and also helps in storing glycogen; hence it regulates the liver health.

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