Abortion is also referred to as the termination of pregnancy (a process that ends a pregnancy cycle).

Post-abortion care is vital to make a woman healthy from body and mind. Love, support and care from a family help her come out of psychological stress, grief, sense of loss, and anger she may experience before, during or after abortion. Pregnancy is a delicate and critical period of a women’s life, and abortion for any reason can shatter her from within. Physical and mental well-being is important for a woman after an abortion to avoid future health complications while planning the next child.

Following doctor’s advice is the best way to regain health after abortion; you can choose to buy women’s health medicines online also if you are dealing with this trauma alone for any reason. However, abortion is a safe procedure if you consult an experienced and licensed gynaecologist; still, it carries certain risks, so you should be aware and mentally ready to allow your body to rest properly so that it can get recover fully.

Is opting abortion is legal?
Abortion is legal in most countries if a woman is over 18 years of age; however certain restrictions vary from country to country because it is considered a controversial issue in society, culture and religion for long. It is best to consult a renowned doctor of your city to know all possible and painless steps to move ahead to opt for abortion. Studies reveal that, on average, 3 out of 10 women in the US opt for abortion by age 45. The process of abortion can be taken in two different ways by:

  1. Having an abortion pill
  2. Taking-up surgical option

A woman can consider the abortion pill option within 10 weeks of pregnancy; after 10 weeks, the surgical option is left. Your doctor can guide you to which option is more beneficial for you after monitoring your health condition. Any option you choose, take care of your health the most during that phase as you may experience severe abdominal pain, back pain, nausea, fatigue, vaginal bleeding, and sore breast. Your doctor may recommend you to buy women’s multivitamins supplements online or over the counter to regain your body strength. You can log in to reliablerxpharmacy.com to buy women’s health supplements online at reasonable prices.

Self-care Post abortion
A woman who undergoes an abortion might experience severe mental and physical challenges. Therefore, you must focus on taking care of yourself to regain your lost energy and strength during your recovery period. Certain changes in your daily routine can help you overcome your lost strength. Find below the easy tips of self-care of post-abortion.

  • Intake of warm water – Your body may feel dehydrated post-abortion; keep yourself hydrated enough by drinking a sufficient amount of warm water to avoid constipation.
  • Diet intake – Abortion can lead to a hormonal imbalance; therefore, eat foods that help retain the lost energy like dry fruits, green veggies, garlic, ginger, sesame seeds, pulses and milk. Avoid eating sugar-based food and drink, junk food and cold/frozen food items.
  • Use hot bags – To reduce body pain, use hot bags.
  • Skip Heavy-duty works – Avoid works that may involve heavy weight lifting like lifting water buckets, washing clothes and utensils, or mopping.
  • Take supplements – Consult a doctor to have supplements like calcium, iron, multivitamins to boost your energy.
  • Body Massage – Take a body massage (especially on feet and palms) using warm mustard oil to reduce cramps and pain post-abortion. The body massage induces strength in your veins.
  • Avoid stress – In common cases, abortion is not taken by choice and therefore, in many cases, it naturally becomes a matter of concern and stress for a woman. Support from family and friends helps a lot to deal with this situation. So try to be with them as best possible for the time of your post-abortion recovery.
  • Avoid doing sex – Avoid having sex with your partner for a few days after an abortion until you finally feel recovered properly. Intercourse with your partner can cause vagina bleeding or delay healing of your vagina.
  • Play safe sex – Avoid pregnancy post-abortion at least for 6 to 12 months.
  • Monthly period – In some cases, abortion can delay your monthly cycle for 2 to 3 months, so don’t panic if this happens; this is common.

Abortion is a painful procedure; take the best precautions and safety measures to assure your body stay healthy.

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