6 Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is an amazing substance that everyone must have in their home for a lot of benefits and uses. It is a natural treatment to trap toxins and chemical in the body and allow them to flush out of the body. This inexpensive and natural substance is incredibly useful and has amazing health benefits along with beauty uses.

This product is so versatile that it could make you fresher, cleaner, happier, and healthier in all aspects of your life. Some of the benefits of activated charcoal are listed below:

  • Whitens teeth

Have you ever got those stains of tea, coffee, berries, or wine on your teeth? Activated charcoal helps promote good oral health by maintaining the pH balance in the mouth, which prevents bad breath, cavities, and other gum disorders. This helps whiten our teeth by improving your oral health. It is a natural and easy way to attain a bright smile. It whitens teeth by adsorbing plaque and other titbits that stain teeth. To naturally achieve that bright smile, dip your wet toothbrush into powdered activated charcoal. Brush your teeth with paying special attention to areas that are mostly stained. Leave the solution for about three minutes then clean your teeth with water.

  • Banish gas and bloating

It is said that a healthy digestive system is a foundation of a well being. It is considered as the key to our health lies in our gut. Activated charcoal is a cost-effective and a natural way to improve gut health by removing toxic water that contributes to oxidative damage, allergic reactions, and poor immune system function.

To alleviate gas and bloating, take 500 milligrams one hour before eating a meal. Prefer taking it with a glass of water. You can have an additional glass of water immediately after that to help get the charcoal absorbed into your system, where it can adhere to gas producing elements and exert its mode of action.

  • Great remedy for hangover

It is a surprisingly effective remedy for a hangover cure that very few know about. It is extremely effective in alleviating the presence of alcohol from the body.  The activated charcoal powder is a great way to quickly remove toxins that would otherwise cause painful symptoms such as muscle pain and headache after drinking alcohol. Make sure that you drink plenty of water with the charcoal to avoid indigestion.

  • Effective in adsorbing odors

Great for adsorbing odors! An unexpected benefit of activated charcoal. It has an amazing ability to absorb orders of almost all kinds, including smelly food items to unhygienic bathrooms. Moreover, this magical powder makes bad smells disappear, at least for a while and gives a fresh and clean smell to your living environment.

  • Strengthen your hair

The hottest trend in beauty right now is none other than activated charcoal and for a good reason. It has the ability to naturally strengthen and treat the hair. To enhance hair health, add a few spoons of charcoal powder into a few drops of water in a bowl. Mix it well and apply it to your hair. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse with water.

  • Amazing Exfoliator for skin

Activated charcoal works best for skin purification. It is an excellent skin scrubber that helps the skin to get rid of toxins and skin impurities. It effectively removes dead skin cells and enhances blood circulation. While applying it on your face, be sure not to get in around the eyes. Its deep cleansing formula ensures complete removal of dead skin while leaving the skin clean and smooth. For scrubbing your face, you can add some amount of powdered activated charcoal in a small bowl of water. Apply the mixture to the skin, leave it for a few minutes and then rinse.

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