5 Worst Foods to Eat When Suffering from Type 2 Diabetes

The condition of high blood sugar or diabetes can get worse due to the lack of healthy diet. If we talk about type 2 diabetes treatment, it can be controlled with the regular intake of nutritious food. On the other hand, there are some worst food products deteriorating the condition furthermore. You have to be aware of such foods when undertaking a diabetes medication.

Some particular food products that have to be avoided in the condition of diabetes include:

  1. Snacks and Pastries:

Packaged food products like snacks and pastries are loaded with sugar and white flour. The combination of sugar, sodium, refined flour and artificial flavors available in baked pastries is dangerous as it can surge blood sugar and promote internal inflammation. It directly interferes with the potential of insulin. Such highly processed food products can increase fats, posing the risks for hypertension and diabetes. You have to ditch the packaged snacks and desserts to control blood sugar or diabetes care. If you are taking a diabetes medication, you must stay away from such sweet treats that contain trans fats.

  1. Soda Water:

When it comes to the worst beverages for diabetes, soda water is not desired in any way. It does not have any nutritional benefit and can increase blood sugar drastically. Diet sodas, soft drinks or carbonated beverages add sugar to the blood and increase the risk of heart diseases. Moreover, the caffeinated beverages catalyze blood glucose and affect insulin resistance which is not god for the type 2 diabetes treatment. You can try green tea or low-sugar tea to keep blood sugar under control.

  1. White Rice and White Bread:

The intake of white rice and white bread can increase blood sugar. White bread is made with white flour that has refined starches. Similarly, white rice also has a lot of starch that should be avoided by the people living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Actually, white rice is a form of processed grain that has already stripped its nutritious protein. Therefore, it is no more a healthy option to control blood glucose. It is better choosing a toasted whole grain over white bread at lunch and dinner. The whole-wheat bread is also a good option to reduce the impact on your blood sugar and it is helpful in diabetes medication.

  1. French Fries:

Fried food items are notorious for leading to weight gain and disturbing the balance of blood sugar. The intake of potato chips, French fries, fried chicken, doughnuts and many appetizers rice are bad foods for diabetes, as they have starchy ingredients and high amount of carbohydrate to shoot up the levels of blood sugar. These fried items carry tons of oil, adding more calories and extra fats to your body. Since these items are deep-fried and have unhealthy trans fats, they can increase the volume of bad cholesterol. People taking a diabetes care should check the amount of oil before taking these food products.

  1. Candies:

The consumption of high-sugar foods like candies and cookies does not add any nutritional value to your diet; rather they have low-quality carbohydrates. These items can increase blood sugar levels and can cause obesity, and both the conditions can further worsen the diabetes complications. Candies, in particular, are a sugar-made product with the added lip-smacking flavors. So, it is better to avoid the sugar-coated candies to support diabetes medication. You can take fruits like pears, berries and apples to satiate your sweet tooth. The intake of dark chocolate and fiber-rich fruits is also a better option for controlling the blood sugar.

  1. Fruit Juice:

Eating the fiber-rich whole fruits is a better choice than fruit juice to improve health. Even a pure fruit juice is not so effective to improve your health and, if you are taking it with the added sugar or salt, it can affect the insulin’s performance. Experts prescribe fiber-packed whole fruit instead of fruit juice for the type 2 diabetes treatment. It is helpful to maintain the blood sugar levels as well as beneficial to supplying fewer calories as necessary for the weight loss.

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