Keep your liver healthy by cleaning toxins from your body. Have a healthier body in less than seven days by following five steps liver detox program.

There are tons of ways for liver cleaning available all over the internet. But very few are effective in cleaning liver toxins. One of such a 5 step detox plan is explained below:

5 Steps to Clean the Liver

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  • Step 1-

Eliminating toxic waste makes your liver healthy. A clean liver does not hold unwanted excess fat and helps regulate metabolism to lose fat and provide a fitter body. If you wish to have a fitter and leaner body, you must eliminate the things from your daily routine that are toxic in nature. You have to let go of some food items that might have been a part of your diet and these are:

Alcohol: Stay away from alcohol to cleanse your liver; remove all alcohol contain products from your lifestyle. It is always suggested to drink in a moderate amount in order to keep your liver safe from the harmful effects of the liver. You liver cells have a difficult time to process too much alcohol. Whenever you consume alcohol, a toxic component called acetaldehyde is produced by the liver. It may damage your liver as well as the stomach lining permanently. Alcohol has a tendency to take away all the water from the liver and the liver will try to take water from other parts of the body.

  1. Dairy products: Dairy products can be fine to use for healthy people but people with any kind of hepatic impairment, who are not able to metabolize proteins and amino acids properly, these dairy products like milk, curd, and ghee can be hard on the liver.
  2. Sugar: Sugar not only harmful for diabetics but also not good for your liver health. The only liver can metabolize the sugar. Sugar is transformed into glycogen, which is a stored in the form of glucose. Sugar is made of fructose and glucose. An excess amount of glycogen in the liver will make liver convert fructose into fat. Presence of fat in the liver will make a liver fatty. People with hepatic impairment who have sweet tooth can eat fruits; these are the better alternatives.
  3. Wheat: Whet carries gluten and too much gluten is not good for liver health. Excess gluten can contribute to fatty liver, celiac disease, and gradually leads to liver failure.
  4. Processed food: These foods contain Trans fat and high fructose syrup, which can affect your liver health.
  • Step 2-Drink plenty of water

Water plays a significant role in every detox plan including liver cleanses. Consuming enough water on a regular basis flushes out toxins that are present in your liver. Drinking water keeps your body hydrated. Alcohol dehydrates your body while water hydrates you and your liver.

  • Step 3- have lemon water

Heat a cup of water and squeeze one lemon into it. Drink it in the morning or before eating dinner. Consuming one cup of lemon water daily is great for detoxifying.

  • Step 4- Practice intermittent fasting

Try eating food within eight hours and practice fasting for 16 hours. Sleeping for at least eight hours will make this task easy enough to perform. By sleeping, you can keep you busy for a few hours, and this will not make you even realize that you have spent this much time by not consuming anything except water.

  • Step 5- Eat cruciferous vegetables

Eat green vegetables and cruciferous as much as you can. Include broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, and turnip in your diet. These liver health food items can help you maintain a healthy liver.

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By following these liver health tips, you can improve not only liver health but also your overall health. If these liver care ways do not help you out, you can start having liver health supplement after consulting a healthcare specialist.

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