In most cases, vomiting will stop without specific medical attention. The majority of cases are caused by a viral infection and will get better on their own; hence, there is no need for medical treatment of emesis. Also, one should never use over the counter or prescription medications unless your health care specialist has specifically prescribed them for treating a particular illness.

Today, there is such a wide spread of food choices, at times, stomach flu, or fever, food poisoning becomes unavoidable. One cannot always determine the freshness and cleanliness of food available at grocery shops or other eateries. Bacteria or germs that can’t be seen through naked eyes may act as a trigger and create a network of symptoms that cause stomach discomfort and vomiting. Vomiting occurs as a reflex action and most of the time, and it is not under our control. On consumption of unwanted or infected food, the body’s defence system mechanism causes it to throw out the undigested substances in the form of vomiting. Other bodily changes often accompany puking or vomiting. Many individuals also witness a fainting feeling before and during emesis. It is the sick feeling that indicates the occurrence of vomiting, although, it does not necessarily mean that you will vomit. The sick feeling could be a result of stress and tension. Moving sickness is one of the causes of emesis. Some people feel discomfort during long car drives and get a feeling of nausea.

Overeating can be a cause of Vomiting

Other causes of emesis include acid reflux and excessive eating. Unknowingly, some people consume food that is beyond the ability of their stomach to digest it easily. Overeating can result in vomiting. Alcohol is another cause since it is known to disrupt the natural lining if the gut, it may cause massive uneasiness. Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are inherent causes of emesis. Those who suffer from these ailments may forcefully vomit out the food consumed to achieve a particular body image. Other than these, there are severe underlying health conditions that may make you vomit. These medical threats include migraines, appendicitis, tumours or other headaches. Antiemetic drugs prescribed by a health care specialist may prevent vomiting and make you feel better. Consult your health care professional to get one that suits your condition.

Prevention Remedies:

  • Deep breathing works- Take a deep breath through a nose that gets directly into your lungs. Make sure your abdomen expands as your breath in. Exhale slowly through mouth or nose, relaxing the belly after each breath. Repeat this deep breathing exercise several times. As per research studies, deep breathing exercise activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which keeps the biological response that leads to motion sickness in check. Taking deep and controlled breaths helps you to get rid of the anxiety that is common during sickness.
  • Ginger- Crush a piece of ginger and add it in water. Add a teaspoon of honey to this and sip this solution slowly throughout the day. Ginger has properties that can ease stomach irritation and provide instant relief. Another simple yet effective way to consume ginger is by making a fresh ginger tea. Add freshly grated ginger to boiling water. Steep the water for ten minutes and strain before drinking.
  • Sugar and saltwater- Vomiting causes an imbalance of various levels of salts in the body, including sodium, potassium, etc. Drinking a mixture of salt and sugar in water has the potential to balance the electrolyte levels into the normal range and allow effective functioning of the body. The solution prevents dehydration and weakness of the body. The solution is often called electoral and is extremely beneficial for kids. It reduces the need for ant-emetic drugs.
  • Drink more fluids- If you are vomiting, it becomes critically important to drink plenty of fluids to help prevent dehydration. Even at times you vomit fluids back up. Sip fluids slowly because drinking fast or drinking too much may upset your stomach, which triggers you to vomit more. Fluids that help you keep dehydrated and also helps with nausea are:
  1. Lemonade- A glass of water with lemons squeezed in it has essential vitamins and minerals that act as an obstacle to vomiting and thus stop it immediately. For added taste, you can add some honey into the solution.
  2. Orange juice- Freshly prepared orange juice has essential vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients that help bring the blood pressure levels in the normal range. You can also consume oranges in for of salad. The citrus flavour of fruit helps to avoid the feeling of nausea and vomiting.
  • Cloves- Sucking a piece of clove can bring an immediate stop to vomiting. Cloves reduce the sensitivity of the mouth and bring a change in your taste buds.

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