Are you having less sex? Many people think with the current advancement of technologies would mean people have involving in more sexual activities than ever. But for many, there is an opposite condition.

We live in the sexually liberated world, access to innovative technologies whether it is contraceptive pill or dating apps, all have opened a new world of possibilities. Despite living in a world saturated by innovative technology, research suggests that we are actually having less sex.

5 Reasons You’re Having Less Sex
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You have been waiting an entire day for this moment to spend with your partner, crawling into bed and getting it on. Once you are ready to indulge in sexual activity, you suddenly realize that you’d rather not. The very next moment your libido disappears and your excitement replaced with a feeling of indifference.

If this happens, you need not worry, this is a normal condition and may have nothing to do with your relationship with your partner. In fact, there are several things in the environment, to which we can blame. Here is a list of surprising factors that could affect your sex life and ways how to conquer them for good.

  • Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep could terribly affect your sex life. Poor sleep quality has a great impact on sexual drive. A study suggests that women who sleep for extra hours are more likely to engage in intercourse. The lack of rest may lower the levels of testosterone (sex hormone) in the body. Insufficient sleep is also found to cause lubrication issues which can affect the sexual life of an individual. Women taking good night sleep are known to have better vaginal lubrication, which plays a significant role in sexual appetite and satisfaction.

  • Medicines steals your sex drive

Almost all contraceptive medications carry estrogen, which is known to increase the production of a protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). This protein can affect your sex drive by trapping testosterone. You can have a worry-free sex with oral contraceptives, but these little pills can sap your sex drive. Medications to treat allergies can also have a great impact on a woman’s sexual life. When your nose is runny, most of us take allergy medicines to dry them up as these pills are known to dry sinuses, but very few of us know the fact that these pills can also dry up other parts of the body. Cough syrups like Benadryl are known to cause vaginal dryness in women. If you are told to continue with the medicine, an expert can recommend you to invest in an organic lubricant. Other potential sex drives stealing medications include those that reduced anxiety, acid reflux, blood pressure, and antidepressant medications.

  • Your desk job

Are you comfortable with your desk job of 10 to 6? If not either change the time or change the job. You all should know the fact that an uncomfortable job of 10 to 6 can kill you and your libido. Even if you managed to take out the time to indulge in a sexual activity with your partner, there are possibilities that you are sexually excited but stressed and tired at the same time. You could be tired, according to studies, fatigue or stress can lead to dropping in sexual activity and sexual satisfaction. If you are among those whose having less sex due to the desk job, it is the right time to get out of the chair and strengthen your sex life as well as a relationship.  Boost your sex life naturally and experience the beneficial effects of sex.

  • Overweight

Many women who gain some pounds due to pregnancy or other issues find themselves not willing to indulge sexually. They have a mindset that they have to look a certain way in order to have good sex with their partners.

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  • Too much workout

Its kind to sound little weird but it’s true, too much exercise can make you feel stressed, sluggish, and disinterest in sex. A session of intense workout can put your body under stress, elevating the levels of cortisol hormone and make you feel down or fatigued. Instead of involving in intense workout switch to less intensive workouts for a while to save your energy for the main event with your partner.

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