Triluma is an extremely effective topical preparation for treating moderate to severe melasma. Learn how to transform your skin with a dermatologically recommended Triluma cream.

The highest standard in Melasma treatment

Triluma cream is a topical medication that comes with three active ingredients. It is made to be put on your face to treat skin conditions like melasma. Melasma is a skin disorder that causes hyperpigmented spots on facial skin, particularly on the cheeks and forehead. Triluma uses include skin lightening, ultimately offering an even skin tone.

The skin condition usually occurs with hormone changes. The topical formulation is for short-term usage (up to eight weeks) treatment of moderate to severe melasma of the face. It is not recommended for long-term treatment (more than eight weeks) or maintenance treatment of melasma. Mild conditions may not require this treatment. Melasma can be best managed by staying away from the sun or by stopping the use of hormone-based birth control pills. As per research studies, after eight weeks of regular use of the topical preparation, most patients had at least some improvement. Some patients noticed their dark spots clear up completely.

In most cases, melasma returns after treatment. If the underlying cause of melasma, such as the use of hormone-based contraceptive pills or excessive sun exposure, is not eliminated, melasma will return when you stop treatment. The topical formulation may improve melasma but does not cure hyperpigmentation disorder. Get the best Triluma cream price online.

Ingredients of Triluma

Triluma cream combines three active components:

    • Fluocinolone acetonide – The first of the three triluma ingredients is a corticosteroid that is useful in reducing inflammation and irritation in the skin.
    • Hydroquinone – It is used as a lightening agent for depigmentation and works by restricting the production of melanin pigment that gives skin its color.  Hydroquinone effectively treats melasma, age spots, freckles, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation because of eczema, psoriasis, or scars.
    • Tretinoin – A retinoid preparation that speeds up the skin cell turnover rate and helps exfoliate the skin. It is extremely effective at treating facial wrinkles, skin roughness, and hyperpigmentation while enhancing the overall appearance of the facial skin.


The combination of three medicines in Tri-luma cream works together to deal with different aspects of melasma, including lowering inflammation, restricting melanin production, and speeding up skin cell turnover.  You can buy Triluma online and have the medicine delivered within a few days.

Best way to get an even skin tone!

Triluma cream for melasma should not be used under the supervision of a healthcare provider as it is a topical medicine and may have side effects with other medicines. Dermatologists recommend a general rule: the Triluma ointment is applied once nightly over the affected face and body areas.

Instructions for using Triluma cream.

    1. Cleanse the skin: Before applying Tri luma cream for melasma, wash the affected areas of the skin using a mild cleanser. Always pat your skin dry with a soft towel.
    2. Apply a thin layer: Take a pea-sized amount of the topical formulation, apply a thin layer to the areas affected, and avoid applying the cream to unaffected areas.
    3. Massage gently: Massage gently by using your fingertips until it is evenly distributed all over the skin. Do not apply excessive pressure.
    4. Use once daily: Triluma is typically once nightly before bed and typically recommended for a shorter period (such as eight weeks).
    5. Sun protection is necessary: While using Triluma, minimize direct sun exposure and use a sunscreen of SPF 50 to shield your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
    6. Follow up with your dermatologist: Follow up with your dermatologist to monitor the progress of your skin treatment and side effects.

Possible side effects  

Some patients using Triluma 15 gm cream for melasma may have severe allergic reactions due to the presence of sulphites in the topical formulation. In some cases, these allergic reactions contribute to severe asthma attacks that can be life-threatening. While you use the triple combination cream, you may develop mild to moderate redness, burning sensation, dryness, itching, or peeling.

Triluma for melasma carries a corticosteroid as one of its active ingredients. The side effects that have been reported include dryness, itching, irritation, acne, infection of the hair follicle, changes in skin color, allergic skin reactions, skin thinning, stretch problems, inflammation around the mouth, and sweat problems.

Furthermore, the topical product has corticosteroids that cause reversible effects on the adrenal gland, so tell your healthcare provider if you have any condition that may affect your adrenal function, such as Addison’s disease.

Some patients using this triple combination cream develop dark spots on their skin, increased skin sensitivity, acne, rash, and skin redness due to rosacea, blisters, bumps, or tiny red lines or blood vessels showing through the skin. The cream may also cause a gradual blue-black darkening of your skin; if this occurs, discontinue treatment immediately and speak to your health care professional.

Access this highly effective treatment conveniently with the help of a health care professional, ensuring the journey towards achieving the even skin tone you desire.

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