A very high blood sugar levels can be very dangerous as it can cause hazardous health complications that can last very long too. A good method to lower the blood sugar level is not necessary for the diabetes management, but it also keeps other health ailments at bay.

lower the blood sugar levels

There are various methods of keeping the blood sugars levels under normal levels. Nowadays, due to sedentary lifestyle and overindulgence of the high sugar containing and processed fast foods people are not able to keep their sugar levels in control. In diabetic patients, excessive intake of sugar or the insulin miss dose might lead to an abrupt increase in the blood sugar levels.

Whatever be the reason for the sudden increase in the blood sugar levels you need not worry and run to the doctor immediately, as there are several methods by which you can bring down your blood sugar levels to the normal range.

High blood sugar level symptoms:

Some common symptoms of high blood sugar levels are:

• Headaches
• Increased thirst
• Blurred vision
• Frequent pee
• Sudden weight loss
• Feeling tired or weak, etc.

Here are a few easy steps to lower the blood sugar levels:

• Cut down the carbohydrates:

There are immediate effects of cutting the carbohydrates from your food items. Carbohydrates are found in the most of the food items we consume in our day to day life that is why we must try to substitute them with richer variants.

Common carbohydrate containing food items are root vegetables, grains, rice, and legumes and the food products made from them. The derivatives of these items include bread, pasta, French fries, etc. These all are not only rich in processed carbohydrates, but they are very unhealthy for the health too.

• Spread the carbohydrates:

The best way to consume carbohydrates yet to keep the blood sugar levels low is to spread the food item in such a way to consume them through the day. This way you will be able to relish the food you like without abruptly increasing your blood sugar levels.

• Exercise:

Exercising is the best and the most immediate method of lowering the blood sugar levels. Light exercise will help in the lowering of the sugar levels and will help in burning down the glucose more efficiently.

For the light exercise, you can take a brisk walk, or you can go for a bicycle ride.

• Unsweetened tea:

Several beverages can bring down the blood sugar levels within an hour’s time. One such food item is unsweetened black/white or green tea. Green tea supplements also do wonder to aspirants willing to lose their weight fast.

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• Red wine:

Many kinds of alcohol has the ability to reduce the blood sugar levels to normal. Among the best-known alcohols known for the blood sugar level cutting properties are the red wines.

Red wines are prevented the lowering of the blood sugar levels by reducing the absorption of sugar in the small intestine.

However, it should always be noted that alcohols are not meant for long-term reduction of blood sugar levels because if they are taken in such a way then they may cause many other health ailments like building up of liver fat.

• Cinnamon pills:

It is an effective idea to bring down the blood sugar levels within an hours time. The method of using cinnamon pills works wonderfully in all people except in postmenopausal women. A capsule form of the cinnamon pill works best for the people to lower their blood sugar levels.
Approximately 3000 mg at each meal is enough for the control of blood sugar levels.

• Green tea extracts:

Green tea extracts are also available in the form of a pill. These are best suitable for those people who do not like the green tea yet want to get the benefits of the herb to lower the blood sugar levels.

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High blood sugar levels can turn into an extremely dangerous condition if it does not come to normal levels even after taking natural measures. Lowering the blood sugar to the normal levels is easy with the help of the above give quick and simple tricks. So, follow the tips and keep your blood sugar levels tightly under control.

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