The family planning probably starts with the correct use of effective birth control methods. As both the partners are equally responsible for reproduction, all means of birth control for men and women are needed to be assessed properly before using.

Though there is no comparison between different kinds of birth control methods meant for men and women, but men have very limited options. On the other hand, women have a number of options from birth control pills to IUD to prevent the possibility of childbirth. Let’s have a look at some of the most effective preventive methods:

birth control methods

Condoms for Male and Female:

Condoms are the most widely used birth control products being applied for years. These are rubber-made wrappers that men wear prior to sex. If it’s properly slipped over a man’s penis then it contains sperm after ejaculation and thus prevents sperm from ovulation. In other words, sperm remaining out of vaginal contact removes the possibility of its transmission, and, at the same time, the condom doesn’t take out the pleasure of sexual intercourse. Male condoms not only prevent pregnancy but also lower the risks of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). There are different shapes, sizes, aromatic and lubricated condoms to choose from. Some basic types of male condoms include spermicide, spermicide-free, latex, and non-latex.

Now female condoms are also available and women can insert these plastic cover deep into the vagina to prevent the contact of male sperm.

Condoms are one of the most effective birth control methods that both male and female should use as long as they want to avoid pregnancy. It’s also important to mention that the failure rate of condoms is about 15% (male) and 21% (female).

Birth Control Pills:

Birth control pills are specifically made oral contraception for women. These pills can make certain hormonal changes to check ovaries from releasing eggs. So, eggs are prevented from contacting with the sperm, a process necessary to prevent pregnancy. The birth control pills are designed to thicken a woman’s cervical mucus, lowering the flow of eggs and blocking sperm headed towards the uterus. Women who often have sex should take these pills almost every day for effective prevention of pregnancy.

There are basically two types of birth control pills such as monthly combination pills that have estrogen/progestin and non-estrogen pills. The pack of a monthly combination pill is taken during three consecutive weeks, of which a week of placebos will help you find your period back. And those women who develop side-effects of combination pills are often prescribed to take progestin-only pills.

Female barrier methods of birth control:

The prevention of fertilizing an egg can simply minimize the possibility of pregnancy and for that, there are different barrier methods are used by a female. They use different devices to block sperm transmission. Among different kinds of birth control methods, these devices have a good success rate. These barrier methods include:

  • Diaphragm

Made of silicon, a diaphragm is a dome-shaped cup that females can insert into the vagina before sex. This device can cover the cervix, blocking sperm from reaching to the uterus. The female should learn how to put this device properly for best results. The failure rate of the diaphragm is about 16%.

  • Cervical cap

A silicon-made cup that looks like a sailor’s hat, the cervical cap keeps sperm out of the uterus. Women have to insert this cap into the vagina to cover the cervix, so it prevents the chances of pregnancy after intercourse. You should use this cap with spermicide for effective results.

  • IUD

A T-shaped plastic device, IUD is placed inside the uterus to divert the flow of sperm, preventing the fertilization process. IUDs are found to be a very effective birth control method that remains active for a long time. If you want to get pregnant, then remove the IUD with the help of an expert.

  • Contraceptive sponge

The contraceptive sponge is a form of round piece made of white plastic foam with a little dimple on one side. It contains spermicide and is inserted deep into the vagina to block the cervix for preventing sperm transmission. Though the use of this sponge is comparatively less effective it’s still applied widely.

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Other female birth control methods:

There are some other kinds of birth control options for women, such as:

  • Birth control patch

This thin and beige piece of plastic patch is of small size square-shape. It remains stuck to the skin and releases contraceptive hormones to prevent the ovary from releasing eggs. Women have to replace the patch once a week. It works in the pattern of three-weeks on and one-week off.

  • Vaginal ring

The vaginal ring is a small and flexible plastic ring that has to be inserted into the vagina once a month. This ring releases hormones to prevent the ovary from releasing eggs.

  • The shot

The birth control shot keeps female from getting pregnant for different times. Also known as ‘Depo’, the shot contains progestin that prevents ovaries from joining eggs in the first place. Probably, one injection of short works for three months.


When we talk about different kinds of birth control methods the picture remains incomplete without sterilization. It’s a surgical procedure to close or block the Fallopian tubes (the tubes where sperm and eggs meet) so that women can’t get pregnant. Sterilization offers a permanent solution of birth control and it’s performed on both male and female.

Vasectomy is the most popular surgery for men in which a surgeon block the Fallopian tubes to check the flow of seminal fluid.

Tubal ligation sterilization is taken from women. In this type of surgery too, a surgeon cuts a woman’s Fallopian tube, so the eggs are kept out of the ovaries.


The unprotected sex between adult partners always leaves a chance of pregnancy. The use of an appropriate birth control method is a very essential part of the family planning and you can take an advice of expert whenever necessary. Even if you have unprotected sex, where the different kinds of birth control options to be taken afterword. The most common one is birth control pills. But, the most important thing is to keep you safe and unaffected from the side-effects of any of the birth control means.

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