Acne is one of the most common skin conditions that affect at least 85% of the people, especially the teenagers. To prevent acne and the subsequent pores one needs to follow a skin care regimen that can effectively cure both.

If you have acne then you must also be aware of the large pores. It is one of the most stubborn skin care problems. The enlarged pores are the most common indications that you have an oily skin. An oily skin is more prone to acne, blackheads and skin pores.

Large Pores and Acne

The reason for enlargement of skin pores:

Large pores and acne are synonymous to each other in their appearance on an oily skin. Hormones are the regulators of the skin oil glands. The oil glands produce sebum/oil. The skin pore acts as an exit area for the oil to come to the skin surface and then spread all over the skin. But when the oil glands start producing too much of oil, then this oil combines with dirt to form a plug and it clogs the pores. This makes the easy flow of the oil out of the pore and on to the skin very difficult, thus the pore enlarges to allow the flow of oil.

In many people, the outburst of acne and the formation of enlarged pores is all an inherited character. If any of your parents have acne, then the same can pass on to you as well.

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Taking care of the acne prone skin and large skin pores:

Large pores and acne pops up every now and then on your face, which creates an unsightly experience for you. Here are some of the best ways in which you can reduce the large skin pores and shrink them too. We have compiled a what-to-do and what-to-avoid list to help you clear acne:

1. Do not use the skin care products that either clog the pores or make them produce more oil. The greasy creams, thick moisturizers that have a creamy texture can clog the pores and make the pores larger.

2. Avoid bar soaps on the face and use only gentle cleanser that is water soluble. Do not use any drying cleanser as it makes the skin irritated and produce red marks that will stay longer on the skin and may produce blemishes.

3. Use only those exfoliants that contain BHA (salicyclic acid): such exfoliants are available in the liquid or gel form. The BHA exfoliants not only removes the excess of dead cells from the skin, it also cleans to keep large pores clear.

4. Use home remedies to absorb the excess of oil present on your face. Clay masks play a very great role in doing so. They absorb the oil from the face and also helps to keep the skin clean for a long time.

5. To keep the large pores and acne clear you must try to imbibe cleanliness. Follow the steps of cleanliness such as:

• Cleansing: Cleanse with a very mild and gentle cleanser. Do not use hot water. Use warm water to cleanse the oil from the face and pat it dry.

• Clarifying: Use clarifying products such as benzyl alcohol and salicylic acid to make your face clean and prevent acne.

• Nourishing: It is very important to control dryness by using a daily moisturizer. Use an oil free moisturizer to make the skin moist as well as preventing the addition of more oil to the skin surface.

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Some home remedies to make the pores smaller:

  • Wash your face every day, be careful not to scrub the area too much or make it very dry
  • Place some ice cubes on your skin directly, as it tends to shrink the pores and make them tight. Apply the ice cubes on your face for 15-20 seconds.
  • Make a paste of baking soda with water and apply it on the skin in a circular motion. The paste makes the skin clean, minimizes the pores as well as it lowers the chances to acquire acne.
  • A wash cloth drenched in lemon or pine juice can help to reduce the pores. Apply the wash cloth on the face to prevent acne and to keep large pores clear.
  • A yogurt mask works best for the skin as it contains lactic acid and probiotics. Regular application of yogurt on the face is helpful to reduce the pore size and acne outburst.

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