Drinking 3 Glasses of Fresh Fruit Juice a day can Double the Risk of Heart Diseases

Fruit juice is certainly good for the health, but its excess intake is considered to be not so good for the heart. Did you know that? Some researchers have found that millions of people across the world are putting themselves at risk of heart disease by drinking more than one glass of fresh fruit juice a day. It is also found that your daily breakfast drink can be a cause of higher blood pressure and heart diseases. However, minor health problems are not so problematic and we can find medical advice as well as medicines online and offline to deal with such conditions.

How Fruit Juices Pose Heart Problems?

Although fruit juice is considered as a healthy option, but some juices have comparatively higher sugar content which is not healthy for the heart. Researchers have found that those who take a daily glass of juice could significantly develop higher central blood pressure. This condition can increase the risk of angina or heart attack. An increment in the central blood pressure can also be a cause of cardiovascular disease as well as cognitive damage, disturbing mental functioning. Moreover, a higher central blood pressure in the aorta can disturb the oxygen supply in the body.

Another research study reveals that a daily morning glass of fruit juice can supply higher sugar content with low fiber, so it could be a factor of higher blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Frequent intake of fruit juice is also a factor of higher blood pressure, which incurs heart diseases. These findings are crucial because there is a general perception that fruit juice is always good for health. Some experts have a common opinion that fruit juices usually contain a high amount of sugar with minimum or almost no fiber content. You can access some valuable advice and medicines online that can help you out in the curbing the sugar levels in the body.

Fruit Juice and Obesity:

Many health experts believe that the intake of packaged fruit juice can increase body weight which could be a cause of diabetes and obesity. Some researchers claim that such fruit juices are as bad as soft drinks. You can understand it as a 250ml package of fruit juice contains 115 calories which are equal to 7 spoons of sugar, while a regular soft drink supplies 140 calories, so you can count on sugar content. The WHO recommends that one should not take more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day.

In this way, fruit juice can increase sugar levels in the body that further becomes a cause of obesity, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.

Experts have different opinions:

Tracy Parker, a dietitian at the British Heart Foundation, says that added sugar could lead to weight gain and obesity. More intake of sugar content can pose a higher risk of heart and circulatory diseases as well as type-2 diabetes.

According to the British Fruit Juice Association, there are no clear-cut findings linking fruit juice intake with the heart disease. It largely depends on which fruit juice you take and what amount. The intake of just 150ml of daily fruit juice is fine and there will not be any potential threat to the health. The consumption of the limited amount of fruit juice regularly is fine as it supplies the essential nutrients.

Use the online platform to remain updated:

You can search about the effects of fruit juice in the body and regulate its consumption. These days, the online platform is a fine source of information about the new research and development on the effects of fruit juice. One can also get medicines online to lower the risk of heart disease at an affordable cost.

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