Constipation is one of the common problems faced by many people who follow the unhealthy diet. There are various reasons for a constipated stomach. The most common culprit of an unhealthy stomach is low fibre diet and lack of water consumption. Certain medications and supplements are also the reason behind some of the stomach problems including constipation.

The food items that you must avoid in order to prevent constipated stomach are:

  • Milk: one of the common culprits that cause constipation is milk. So, avoiding milk is one of the remedies for constipation. High-fat milk is slow in digestion, and it causes gas due to lactose. If you could avoid the regular milk with almond milk then it can be the only way you can avoid constipation.

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  • Beef: red meat like beef doesn’t contain fibre at all and thus the process of digestion of meat and its further movement in the bowel becomes a little bit hard. The body is not able to digest the meat very easily, hence never forget to include little veggies to your diet along with red meat to make the digestion proper.


  • Eggs: if you are an egg lover and feel constipated all the time then blame your eggs as these are rich in fat and contains no fibre at all. So, in case you feel too much constipated avoid the eggs and take them occasionally with lots of veggies.
  • Cheese: Do not include cheese in your diet, it is one of the most common household remedies for constipation. Cheese is rich in fats and lactose that can cause constipation.
  • Chocolates: these are reasons behind constipated stomach of the people who love chocolates. Chocolates contain a good amount of caffeine and are high in fats too. Chocolates are dehydrating as well to cause constipation, so avoiding chocolates can help with your regular constipated stomach.
  • Chips: these are high in fat and low in fiber. Although chips are very popular as snacks, still they are very unhealthy for the stomach health. They not only slow down the digestion process, but they also cause constipation that is a very unhealthy stomach feature.
  • Wheat: it is rich in opioids peptides that can lead to paralysis of the gut, hence it can cause constipation of gut. The wheat is although rich in fibres, still it can cause constipation due to the presence of abundent amount of opioids. Wheat is one of the most popular staple diets of the most of the nations. Avoid various wheat items all in one in a day and try to include other cereals also.
  • Rice: Rice is a staple cereal in most of the nations around the world. People love to savour this sticky and binding rice. Rice contains a good amount of fibre, but the reason behind it leading to constipation is that some of the fibres remain undigested. These indigestible fibres causes the difficulty in bowel movement and hence avoiding too much of rice is another option of constipation treatment
  • Yogurt: Although yogurt is counted in healthy food options, but it is a dairy product and can cause indigestion due to lactose. Replacing Greek yogurt with normal yogurt is a good option to avoid constipation.Also Read:Pink Ribbon: Understanding Breast Cancer.
  • Caffeine: caffeine is another item that belongs to the foods that cause constipation. Although too much of caffeine is very harmful in any way. These can cause dehydration of the body and bowel movement becomes very hard. So avoid too much of tea, coffee, aerated drinks that can cause constipation.

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